Meeting Geoff Johns at C2E2

Peter: As it has been mentioned a few times already, last weekend Shelby and I attended C2E2. It was a wonderful time, and we had the distinct pleasure of meeting some of our favorite comic book authors and artists, all of whom were incredibly awesome and humble individuals.

It was a really great experience. I had never been to a comic convention before, so this trip was long overdue. I guess things like jobs and college got in the way before. Silly college. So when I first head about C2E2, which was probably in an ad in one of my comic books, I was intrigued. It was close to where I live, (only about 2 hours by car) and I thought it would be cool to go with Shelby and meet people, talk about our blog with both other expo attendees (as well as various writers and artists), and do silly things like get a pile of books signed and find cool art to hang on my wall.

One of the best parts was to act like a star-struck little girl and meet some amazing people. I’m sure by now you’ve read our interview with Gail Simone. That was pretty sweet. Shelby and I also got a lot of cool feedback from writers and authors, and hopefully in the future we will have more interviews to share with you. *fingers crossed* But bar none,  the coolest thing was getting to meet the man, the myth, the legend, Geoff Johns. Geoff is an incredibly humble individual and it’s obvious that he has a great love and passion for comics, both as a writer, and as a fan. (See the Aquaman hat on his head)

During the New 52 panel, Geoff spoke about how exciting it is to create something like this, and how both he, and his fellow writers and artists involved in the New 52 feel quite honored to be part of this project. They also were really happy with the turn-out at the panel, and the reception they are receiving from the readers. Obviously, we here at Retcon Punch are excited too, since we have this whole blog thing dedicated to it.

The best part about the weekend was hearing from people I admire compliment us on our writing and thanking us for doing this. Who knew that in just this short amount of time, people are taking notice and remembering who we are. That’s crazy!

Also, this:

5 comments on “Meeting Geoff Johns at C2E2

  1. Man, you guys have gotten me so pumped for going to the Boston Comic Con this weekend. I hope I can have even a fraction of the fun you guys had.

  2. One of the things I’ve loved about getting on-board with monthly comics is that the creatives are so accessible. It always feels like even the behemoths of the industry are real people who are just as geeky and excited about the medium as I am.

    Also, Peter, you’ve got like a foot on Johns.

  3. Johns was floating around the DC booth when I first got there on Friday, and he said “Hi” as he walked by me.

    There is an entry in my notebook from the day that simply says, “OH HOLY SHIT I THINK GEOFF JOHNS JUST SAID HI TO ME!!!”

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