Earth-2 1

Today, Peter and Shelby are discussing Earth-2 1, originally released May 2nd, 2012.

Peter:  We have officially reached the Second Wave of the New 52. With it, we see the reintroduction of the DC Multiverse, and thus alternate versions of some of our favorite super heroes. We begin here with Earth-2 #1, which will then lead us into the rest of this brave new world.

This book begins a lot like Justice League #1. It starts with a flashback to 5 years ago, and some meddlesome Parademons. It turns out that on Earth-2, the forces of Apokolips invade, and the forces of the world fight back in a united front. The war wages for some time, and the world has lost all of it’s super heroes except for Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Supergirl (Kara Zor-El, cousin of Superman), and Robin (Batman’s DAUGHTER Helena). After some time fighting against the forces of Apokolips, Batman figures out a way to take all of the Parademons down, and out for the count. He must upload a virus to one of the Beacon Towers, that will deprive the Parademons of both energy and orders; they will literally fall from the sky. It also wouldn’t be Batman if he didn’t have a back up plan — nukes — straightforward and effective.

As our heroes head into the lion’s den in Metropolis, Superman and Wonder Woman fight the masses of Parademons in order to give Batman the time he needs to upload the virus into the tower, which will relay the signal to all the other towers: taking them all down at once. As the battle ensues, Kal and Diana buy Bruce time, while Helena watches Bruces back. Diana is visited by the Roman god Mercury, who leaves her with a cryptic message. Meanwhile, Kara escorts the nukes in South America.

As Bruce infiltrates the tower, his comrades fall in battle around him. Superman falls to a mass of Parademons, and Wonder Woman is stabbed through the back by the Parademons’ commander, Steppenwolf. As Bruce uploads the virus program to the tower, he tells his daughter that he will not be coming back – in true Batman form he omitted that this would be a suicide mission for him. After the smoke clears, Kara and Helena rush into a mysterious portal, hoping to avenge the their fallen family-members. (SPOILER: check out World’s Finest for the rest of their story!)

We flash forward to the present. Alan Scott, who has been narrating the story so far, reflects on the war as he speeds in his plane to China. We then move onto to Lansing, MI, were a young Jay Garrick says goodbye to his college girlfriend as she leaves for her new job and new life. Bummed out, Jay sits alone, reflecting on how he fucked up in college, and is graduating a nobody. He’s moments away from wishing on a star until he discovers it’s actually the god Mercury crashing to a land behind him –  with dark tidings!

Oh man, what a way to kick off the Second Wave. I think that this was a great way to set up the new story line. This book spent the perfect amount of time on the flashback that sets it all up. Unlike Justice League, which drags it out over several issues, Earth-2 gets right down to brass tacks. It becomes very clear from really early on that this is not your old JSA, which I love. The story is such that it essentially says, “Here’s what happened” and then “Okay, got it? Good. And now for something completely different.”

James Robinson has a really great voice set up for Alan Scott in the flashback sequence. It’s very clean and to the point. But I wouldn’t be surprised if we see his character change a little bit, since he was so worried about sounding like someone would just likes the sound of his own voice.

Historically Alan goes on to become the original Green Lantern. It would be very interesting to see how these character traits will play into his role. Similarly, the new portrayal of Jay Garrick (who goes onto become the Flash) comes off a little emo as he broods on a hill, drinking a beer, lamenting and wishing on stars.

We will hopefully see a very interesting character transformation from Jay’s current state, into a super hero.

I love how dynamic the portrayal of Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman are in the flashback. They are each treated differently, and their inner monologues reflect this intensely. Superman is dwelling on what happened to Metropolis, and by extension Lois, which were both destroyed as a result of the Apokolips War.

Wonder Woman, who lost all of Amazon Island in the war, comes off as as a one-track, KILL KILL KILL.

Batman, is as usual, calm and collected and right on track with the mission. His monologue is short and to the point, no frills.

I’m a little disappointed that these amazing characters where fleshed out the point they were, and now we won’t see them again. Between Robinson’s fantastic writing, and the art of Nicola Scott, these three are made awesome in 19 pages. I am, however, plenty excited to see both Alan’s and Jay’s rise to fill their shoes, in what I am assuming will be the next step for superheroes on Earth-2. I am thoroughly impressed with the first issue of the Second Wave, and so far have no qualms with the reintroduction of the Multiverse if it is going to continue to be this good.

Shelby: It takes a bold man to, in the first issue of a new title, kill Batman, Wonder Woman, and Superman. Robinson, man, you leaped into this feet first with your eyes closed, and I gotta say: so far so good. Peter was right, this issue dives right into the story. It probably helped that I’ve already got background with the Parademons, but honestly I don’t think I needed it. The story telling is crisp and to the point. The action is clear, and super exciting: the final battle, flipping back and forth from Bats, to Supes, to Wonder Woman, back to Bats. It felt like the climax of a movie, when everything is happening and you’re on the edge of your seat waiting to see how it turns out.

That’s not to say this is all action, no emotion. Far from it, there are a lot of very geniune moments in this title, and I think a lot of that is due to Scott’s art. The tearful goodbye between Batman and his daughter? Come on, when have you ever seen the cowl look so tender?

I am excited for this title. I don’t know much of anything about the JSA; my knowledge of Jay Garrick and Alan Scott is limited to “the OLD Flash and Green Lantern,” so I’m excited to learn more about them in this new universe. Wasn’t Hawkman a part of the JSA? And The Atom? Because those are two characters I really like, and would love them to be a part of this title. What a great, fun start, I can’t wait to see where this will take us.

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33 comments on “Earth-2 1

  1. Oh and I also had a blast reading this issue. It’s way more exciting and INSANE than Justice League. But most importantly — and because this is some crazy parallel world we’re dealing with — this series has the ability to legitimately surprise me. Kill off the big three? Did not see that one coming.

      • It was pretty insane. I can’t wait for more. I also like how this book directly sets up World’s Finest. But I still do not like Superman/Supergirl/Power Girls costumes…..

        • Well, Superman’s dead, so you don’t have to worry about that. I thought the lady Robin costume was pretty cute, too bad Helena couldn’t stick with that.

        • I’m not crazy about the Power Girl costume either, but it is a step up from the ol’ tit-window costume. And it’s also an improvement from the tattered rags she’s wearing for like 75% of World’s Finest #1.

    • Sometimes I find it hard to care about elseworlds or other earth stories, but these characters really had me interested. The portrayal of the big three was perfect, and I loved being able to see Batman play the true hero and sacrifice himself without having the consequences of the Batman I love being dead and gone.

      Also I thought the father/daughter Batman/Robin worked surprisingly well. I’ve heard it argued that Batman wouldn’t be who he is without all the death and loss in his life, but it was nice to see that there could be a version of him who has a family and is somewhat happy. Too bad they had to make a big exit in issue one, but I can’t think of a better way for them to save the world.

      • I was really nervous when I read the early descriptions of the Earth-2 characters – that change in Batman in particular. But it’s genius to play with the characters in this sort of alternate reality and then kill them off. I hope we can continue to see how their legacy shaped Earth 2 for people like Alan Scott and Jay Garrick.

        Also, how weird is it to see Jay as a 21 year old kid? I’m so used to seeing him as the elderstatesmen of the Flash family.

        • I find it pretty weird. Also, Alan Scott is supposed to have children at some point? But right now he’s giving of a very ‘Tony Stark; vibe.

      • You’re absolutely right about the changes in Batman’s character. The father/daughter mechanic worked really well. We are beginning to see the fledgling stages of something similar to that in Batman and Robin, albeit to a slightly different degree.

      • It definitely softened Batman a good deal even just thinking that he had raised a daughter he cares deeply about. At this point, he’s raised so many kids, I’m not sure it should really make a difference, but something about that teary goodbye really got to me.

    • You think Batman grills? I mean, he obviously doesn’t cook – he’s got Alfred for meal prep, but what kind of man (or BATman) doesn’t like to grill up some tender tender steaks? Plus, they’ve got this huge yard that’s just perfect for a cook-out. Party at Wayne Manor!

      • Bruce Wayne would throw a totally sick barbecue, until it was crashed by thugs looking to hold him hostage to get Batman to show up, and then he’d have to out-smart them and then Batman would appear and kick some ass, and then he’d leave and Bruce Wayne would come back and tell everyone he missed it all because he had to go get more ice.

    • Seriously, when have you ever seen a look on Batman’s face other than “Fuck you, I’m Batman” ?

  2. You mentioned about the Atom being in the part of the JSA, but you didn’t notice that the Golden Age Atom was actually IN this issue: He is Al Pratt, the soldier featured during the flashback portion of the issue. I’m expecting we’ll be seeing him again.

    I really enjoyed this book, hope you keep covering it!

    • Ah! Sure enough he IS in there. Good catch. I believe Shelby’s got a crush on Ray Palmer (thanks to Identity Crisis and Blackest Night), so I don’t think Golden Age Atom is going to cut it for her.

      I don’t know if he’s been kicking around the other books I’m not reading (possibly Firestorm or Savage Hawkman), but Atom is totally in that big action gatefold in the New 52 Free Comic Book Day issue. Make of that what you will.

      Oh and we’re totally going to keep covering this one. It’s instantly more likable than Justice League and about 1000 times more adventurous.

      • As far as I know, “The Atom” hasn’t appeared in any books yet so far, but is set to join the League in the future. That said, word on the street is that the League’s Atom will be Ryan Choi.

        I haven’t been reading the book, but I’ve been told that Ray Palmer has a supporting role in “Frankenstein.”

      • I don’t know if this has been covered by you elsewhere, but the ‘Atom’ in the FCBD spread has been speculated by many to be female (so *not* Ray Palmer) and is now confirmed to be the next member to join JLA after SHAZAM!

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