Green Lantern Corps 10

Today, Peter and Shelby are discussing Green Lantern Corps 10, originally released June 20th, 2012.

Peter: John Stewart is guilty: guilty of murdering a fellow Green Lantern who was about to give away the access codes to the Oan defense network. He stood his ground in an unfair trial and lost. He is about to be sentenced by the Alpha Lanterns, in front of the entire Corps and the Guardians of the Universe. We have been building towards this very moment for months, and it is all about to come to a head. How will it affect the future of the Corps? What are those nefarious little Smurfs planning?

The trial is over. The Alpha Lanterns startle the entire crowd by sentencing John to DEATH. His fellow lanterns are astounded at this verdict. Even the most by-the-book of the Lanterns, Salakk is appalled. Since the general public opposes this verdict, John is kept in the Alpha Tower. The Alpha Lanterns, the Guardians, and Sentinel Guy Gardner discuss how best to carry out the sentence. After some heated words, the Guardians decide that the Alphas must carry out the sentence themselves. John asks for his last request and meal. The request to is to apologize to Kirrt’s family, including his ‘special’ brother, Birrt. Birrt forgives John, even when his parents do not. Guy shows with up with John’s delicious last meal of cereal and an action packed prison break with back up for Kilowag and others. However, since John objects, Guy punches him in the mouth. The Alpha Lanterns blow in, and begin to drain the power rings of everyone in the area. The game is afoot!

This issue, much like the last, doesn’t cover a whole lot of time, but it is chock full of important stuff. Last month, I thought that John’s trial would be the straw that broke the camel’s back, and I was kind of right. It isn’t so much the trial, but the sentence that really gets things moving in the wrong direction for everyone except for the Guardians. With the Lanterns – led by newly appointed Green Lantern Sentinel Guy Gardner – facing off against the Alpha Lanterns, this is playing right into the Guardians little hands.

I enjoy that, despite everything, John is a stubborn mule. He wants the sentence. He’s being a little shit and will end up a martyr, just as Guy says. It is quite interesting that even though the Alphas are going to be killing him, Varix almost sympathizes with him.

Could this be the start of some potential uncertainty amongst the always-certain Alpha Lanterns? They did have what seemed to be a heat discussion and trouble deciding to go after John in the first place.

Also, the scene were he apologizes to Kirrt’s family is nice, albeit a little cliched. Obviously his parents are pissed at John’s lie, but Birrt’s forgiveness is quite moving and the all white background in this panel.

It contrasts with the opening panel of this book, with John standing in the pitch black illuminated by a single light being a sad sack. It represents that at the beginning John is full of guilt, but after Birrt’s forgiveness, he may seem like his soul is more clean, with the guilt lifted from him.

Between these two panels, and several others, I really enjoyed the art in this book. While the layouts aren’t anything special, the colors and the lighting are quite nice. The ring constructs in the final battle scenes are quite intricate, and detailed. Even when John’s ring is being recharged, the lines coming out from it look like cracks in the Battery.

What is most peculiar about this issue is the fate of Kirrt’s ring. It finds a suitable bearer, only to be pulled away at the last minute. What caused that? The Guardians? Was the professor not as suited as another for the ring? The long shot would be that this is controlled by a returned Mogo, or another Mogo?!? That would be sweet. Almost as sweet as a Mogo Beach ball.

This story seems to be following the logical pattern, and despite this, I really like where this is going. There isn’t so much surprise as there is suspense. I get excited by how this is going to play out, and despite knowing everything, I look forward to each new issue because I want to see how Tomasi is going get us there. While we can all predict the general outline of the story, there are many different divergent paths that it could follow, complete with any number of pitfalls and additions that could happen.

I don’t know, Shelby, while there is a lot for me to like here, so much of it is kind of a big ‘meh’. I really like that a lot of this story is finally coming to a head, and the Alpha War will soon be over and it will make way for the Third Army, coming later this year. However, I still found my self grasping at straws in this issue to get as much out of it that I normally do from Tomasi’s work, both here and it Batman and Robin. How about you?

Shelby: Yeah, I see what you mean. On the one hand, things are progressing pretty much as I expected, some things even in a cliched way like the conversation with Kirrt’s family. On the other hand though, I wasn’t bored, I didn’t dislike it. You were dead on the money about that panel with Birrt and Stewart; it’s so striking and powerful. It reminded me a lot of the one panel from a few issues back, when Stewart was sitting on Kirrt’s coffin flying through the black of space. Definitely caught my eye.

There are some interesting things happening in this issue. I like the way things are playing out with the Guardians so far. If I didn’t know any better, I would say they are taking the high road with this. They admonish the Alphas for not considering the emotional impact of their actions, they refuse to “legitimize” the Alphas choice by participating in the execution, they even agree with Guy. I am interested in this surprisingly logical behavior because I know it’s all a ruse; I like seeing how their manipulations are playing out, and I continue to look forward to seeing their machinations.

I am also looking forward to seeing where the lines in the Alpha War are drawn. I think the bulk of the Corps disagrees with Stewart’s sentence, but I think there will be divisions between those who think Guy et al were justified in their actions and those who don’t. Maybe we’ll get all the Corps vs. the Alphas (vs. the Guardians). Maybe it will be all the Corps vs. Boodika (vs. the Guardians). Maybe everyone will get their shit together and finally team up against the Guardians? I like the things that are happening, but I am looking forward to picking up the pace a little bit. The Alpha War is great and all, but I WANT A THIRD ARMY!!! Or Black Lanterns. Or Yellow Lanterns? There’s a lot of green in these issues, it would be nice to break it up with something new.

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20 comments on “Green Lantern Corps 10

      • Do the Alphas seems less robotic than they used to? Remember when their speech bubbles were dark green with kinda a kind of roboty font? Just sayin’, old-half-robot-Boodika wouldn’t have taken that shit from Guy.

        • Or maybe she’s so much robot that she doesn’t know that she should be mad. Also, after the whole Final Crisis-Alpha Lantern fiasco, maybe they got some more humanity back so they would be less corruptible.

  1. I had this complaint MONTHS AGO and it was sorta strange then too – but there’s so much GREEN in this book. I get it: when they use their powers (even for mundane shit like manacles) there’s a green glowiness that accompanies it. Shelby’s suggestion of “maybe introduce some other kinds of lanterns’ would be a quick fix.

  2. Okay, so both on the cover and the first page that Peter pulled out – look how huge and puffy John is. He’s enormous. I don’t know if he’s always been drawn like this, but it strikes me as particular inflated in this issue. I mean, sure, he’s in good shape (we’ll even go so far as to say GREAT SHAPE) but that’s like Superman’s chest right there.

    • I have always had a problem with the way Pasarin draws John and Guy. I like his layouts, and he does some fantastic battle and construct scenes, but I don’t care for the way he draws humans.

  3. I want an entire reference book written by Guy giving all his names for people and things. Bluechachos, Boodicrap, etc.

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