Cram Session: Night of the Owls

It can be hard to keep up with all the comics you love. But it’s damn near impossible to keep up with all the comics you’re interested in.

Retcon Punch got you covered.

This is one we’ve wanted to put together for a long time. If you only read one or two of these series and you want to get the skinny on what else happened – we’ve got the video for you. Here’s the whole Night of the Owls presented chronologically.

Most of the issues also included a lot of biographical information about the Talons from various eras. We’ve got crib-sheets for those too – hope you like trading cards:

7 comments on “Cram Session: Night of the Owls

    • Yeah, we’re at the beginning of the learning curve on the cards. Shelby and I talked about possibly making up a whole, physical deck of them (with all the characters involved in the NotO), and maybe putting them up on Etsy (or just keeping them on our coffee tables!). But we’ve got to get a handle on how to make the cards legible first.

      But thanks for watching the video – it was a ton of fun to put together.

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