Green Lantern 12

Today, Peter and Shelby are discussing Green Lantern 12, originally released August 15th, 2012.

Peter: Geoff Johns has singlehandedly changed the Green Lantern Universe. Everything we know and love about that particular universe, with it’s own expansive mythology, he created. He has taken Green Lantern books to new heights with stories like Rebirth, Sinestro Corps War, Blackest Night, Brightest Day, and the War of the Green Lanterns. Now he is poised to turn it all on it’s head again. Everything we know about the Green Lanterns, the Guardians, Hal Jordan, Sinestro and everyone else is coming crashing down out of the sky.

Black Hand is ‘dead’ again. This makes him a Black Lantern again. He’s sitting at home, having a quiet dinner with his resurrected ZOMBIE family, when Hal, Sinestro, and the Book of The Black fall out of space into the kitchen. Hand takes the Book of The Black, and opens it and begins to read. He’s clearly pissed when it tells him–

“Hal Jordan is not your enemy”.

Hal then blows his brains out, and he and Sinestro run outside. Outside, guess what? MORE ZOMBIES.

During all of this, the Guardians are off plotting. They are happy they have found the Indigo Tribe’s homeworld, thanks to Sinestro/Hal’s trip there. Now they can destroy all of the current Lantern Corps in the universe, since they are the real problem. Enter the Third Army.

Meanwhile, as Hand’s brain is reforming, Sinestro and Hal are taking out zombies left and right, complete with giant construct weapons. Hal wants to call Carol, but can’t get ahold of her. Sinestro pulls his old Yellow Lantern Battery from his pocket dimension, and he and Hal use all their willpower to blow it up, destroying all the zombies, but knocking themselves out. Black Hand comes outside, and he’s really mad because the Book has given him another tidbit of knowledge to chew on.

“Hal Jordan will be the greatest Black Lantern.”

Holy zombies Batman! This issue was quite exciting all around. Green Lantern has been one of the titles that I have been most excited about lately. Geoff Johns has always been a master at writing GL books, and this issue does not disappoint. HOWEVER, it is a bit of a let down because it just opens up a bunch of doors for the Third Army Crossover.

First of all, we don’t really learn anything new about the Guardians’ plan. We know they are going to take out the human Lanterns first, and they obviously have a plan for each of them. This is the first time they really spell it all out, in classic villain format. Lets run down the list.

Hal: They think that they are already done with Hal. They don’t know that Sinestro gave him a ring. (Way back in issue 2!) They aren’t expecting to have to deal with him again. I smell a wild card.

John: No surprise here. They are going to guilt him to death for killing Mogo.

Kyle: This is pretty interesting. They see that Kyle is uniting the Corps to fight against the Guardians to get Ganthet back. (Check out Green Lantern: New Guardians for more!) Well now Ganthet is a maniacal Bluechacho again, so he’s going to lure Kyle in, and then take him out.

Guy: The Guardians are preying on his ego. They are going to, (and have already started in the pages of Green Lantern Corps) build him up to think he is the best Green Lantern they have, and then let him fall the farthest.

Some pretty intense planning going here. Also, does this mean that Mogo will be making a comeback?!? This image seems to suggest that there is still some Green in those pieces of rubble.

Obviously the most interesting thing going on here is Hal Jordon being brought up in The Book of the Black. “Hal Jordan will be the greatest Black Lantern”?? Does that mean that Hal will die, yet AGAIN, and become a wielder of the Black Light? That would certainly be sweet, kinda. Hal is the quintessential Green Lantern. I had a hard enough time when he was running around as Parallax and the Spectre, but now a straight up BAD GUY? I mean I can see where this could be used in a heroic manner. If he still beat back the Third Army somehow, and had to give up his life to beat the Guardians. That’s a possibility, but I think I will just wait and see in two weeks when the Annual comes out. My money is still on Hal dying especially since DC is unveiling an all-new Earth Green Lantern. 
Also, before this is all over, Sinestro is going to be wearing a Yellow Ring again. Mark my words.

Green Lantern, and it’s forthcoming crossover have me on the edge of my seat. It’s the biggest thing going on in my pull list, and right now, what I am looking forward to more than anything. There is plenty of potential foreshadowing here, and it’s going to be great to see what pans out. Shelby, how do you feel about Hal getting killed again? I know you really weren’t reading comics when it happened the first time, but you’ve read Rebirth and Blackest Night, so you know quite  bit. Could you see Hal in a Black Ring?

Shelby: Hasn’t Hal already worn every other ring? Frankly, it’s about time he don the black! Wasn’t he a Black Lantern for a tiny bit of time when the black rings were claiming the living heroes who had been dead at some point? All that aside, this issue was more good ol’ fashioned Geoff Johns fun. Both of the Book of the Black reveals were exciting, and even though we all kind of know the Guardians’ plan to undermine the Corps, it was nice to finally hear them expound upon that a little bit more. I think the most interesting part is hearing more about their motives. Unless I’m reading it wrong, they want the Third Army to replace not just the varied Corps, but EVERYONE IN THE UNIVERSE. Once … all of everything is replaced, then “the universe will finally be saved.” Uh, saved for what? This seems like the ultimate example of tough love. Have the Guardians really retreated so far from emotion that they think killing every being in the universe is acceptable? This puts their plan on a far grander scale than I had imagined, and raises the stakes to infinite levels for the various Corps.

There were two artists on this issue, Renato Guedes and Jim Calafiore. I definitely preferred Calafiore, Guedes is doing some weird things with faces. Look at Hal’s lips in this panel, what is going on there? Is his upper lip fuller than his bottom lip? That ain’t right.

Happily Calafiore’s style is a little more to my liking, with less face weirdness. I never really understand why titles will switch artists in the middle of the book. I can understand different artists taking over every now and again, but an artist switch mid-issue is almost always jarring; it tends to distract from the story, take me out of it.

I do have one problem with Hal as a Black Lantern, namely that I don’t want him to not be a Green Lantern. I assume that, to be the greatest Black Lantern, he’ll have to be dead. I also assume that means that, should he ever come back again after his inevitable defeat as  Black Lantern, it will only be as a Black Lantern brought back from the dead. Or back to dead, the physics are unclear. The point is, I’m going to play the petulant comic nerd card and say I just want to keep Hal in the Green. I like him so much where he is, and though I recognize the story-telling potential in having him move over to the Black, can’t I just keep him like I want??

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