Happy Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day is a holiday that celebrates exactly two things: love and crummy puns. In that spirit: we made some fun superhero Valentines for you! Feel free to use them and share them with someone you love, more after the break!

blue lantern valentine

green lantern valentine

batwoman valentine

orange lantern valentine

captain america valentine

earth-2 valentine

batman valentine

16 comments on “Happy Valentine’s Day!

  1. May this forever be the depository of bad superhero-themed valentines puns (until next year, that is). I’ll start:

    Johnny Storm: “I BURN for you”
    Ben Grimm: “I got you someTHING for Valentine’s day”

  2. My favorite store-bought valentines growing up were Jurassic Park themed. Given the incongruity of violent dinosaur movies and children’s valentines day cards, they clearly weren’t popular, so I was able to buy identical sets from the local drugstore several years in a row. I don’t remember all of the jokes, but I do remember a closeup of a velociraptor with the text “YOU’RE DINO-MITE!”

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