Superior Spider-Man 6AU PREVIEW

age of ultron preview

Superior Spider-Man 6AU comes out on March 27th, 2013 and is written by Christos Gage with art by Dexter Soy. Click here for our complete Age of Ultron coverage.

So, Ultron’s basically a big piece of technology, right? Well, you know who’s Amazing at technology? Peter Parker. What’s that? He’s not available? Well, we’ll just have to get Otto Octavius then. Don’t worry, I hear he’s good too – Superior, even. Contrary to what whiny web-heads would have you believe, this preview suggests that he might just have the goods to defeat Marvel’s newest biggest threat.

Preview a couple pages after the jump.

SuperiorSpiderMan_6AU_Cover SuperiorSpiderMan_6AU_Preview1 SuperiorSpiderMan_6AU_Preview2 SuperiorSpiderMan_6AU_Preview3 SuperiorSpiderMan_6AU_Preview4 SuperiorSpiderMan_6AU_Preview5

4 comments on “Superior Spider-Man 6AU PREVIEW

  1. This comic looks AWESOME. Ock totally reprogrammed that Ultron! At least I assume that’s what’s going on. I wonder how many he can get on the side of the angels?

    • It’s cool AND thematically relevant to a title about a former villain becoming a good guy. I’m already pumped for this event, but I can’t wait for this issue in particular.

  2. I like Christos Gage quite a bit, his work on Angel & Faith has been the sole redeeming quality of Buffy Season 9 for me. I still doubt I’ll buy in to the Age Of Ultron tie-ins though; considering my lack of Marvel pulls I’ll probably stick to the main mini

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