Age of Ultron 6 PREVIEW

age of ultron preview

Age of Ultron 6 comes out on April 17th, 2013 and is written by Brian Michael Bendis with Art by Brandon Peterson and Carlos Pacheco. Click here for our complete Age of Ultron coverage.

The superheroes live up to their end of the foreign exchange program by sending the Avengers to Ultron City. I expect most of the issue will involve Iron Man getting black-out drunk and hooking up with an Australian chick in a hostel and Captain America calling home to ask for more money. Also Hulk smashing, because: obviously.

Preview a couple pages after the jump.

AgeOfUltron_6_Cover  AgeOfUltron_6_Preview3  AgeOfUltron_6_Preview1 AgeOfUltron_6_Preview2

7 comments on “Age of Ultron 6 PREVIEW

  1. Is Cap getting his energy shield back? The first image here, which I’m assuming is a cover, looks like it may be. I always thought that shield was pretty cool.

    Also, AHHHHHHH! Flying Ultron heads!!!

  2. So, who wants to tell me what Red Hulk’s deal is? He seems like he’s totally chill and it fine hanging out, cooperating with people, whatever. Maybe not the rage-beast I expect from Hulks…

    • Red Hulk is actually pretty legit. He started off as a kind of joke (at least in my eyes) but Bendis completely legitimized him in one of the Avengers books. He retains all of his intelligence (for reasons I’m not aware of, but don’t mind cuz’ I loves me a smart Hulk) and is a fantastic tactician given his military background.

  3. It looks like the heroes are taking Ultron BY STORM. Seriously, though, it’s a good thing Storm was there to make everybody fly, or this would have been, in the immortal words of Han Solo, “a real short trip.”

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