Age of Ultron 10 A.I. PREVIEW

age of ultron preview

Age of Ultron 10 A.I. comes out on June 29th, 2013 and is written by Mark Waid with Art by Andre Araujo. Click here for our complete Age of Ultron coverage.

Here’s a fun exercise: let’s all embrace the cognitive dissonance regarding Hank Pym. Wolverine may have gone back in time to murder him in Age of Ultron 6, but this event seems to be concluding with a new emphasis placed on the former Ant-Man. (Also fairly dissonant: he’s appears to be alive and well in the present in Daredevil and Scott Lang is Ant-Man in FF.) So what do these preview pages look like to you? A crusader for tiny things? For technology? For coming back from the dead / never dying in the first place? Maybe he’s just a crusader for brightly colored costumes?

Preview a couple pages after the jump.



   AgeOfUltron_10AI_Preview1 AgeOfUltron_10AI_Preview2 AgeOfUltron_10AI_Preview3

5 comments on “Age of Ultron 10 A.I. PREVIEW

  1. I like Araujo’s art. We haven’t seen too much of him lately, but I absolutely love the somber-yet-cute tone he gave the Fantastic Four AoU issue. Also, Mark Waid – can’t go wrong there. I don’t believe either of them are working on the Avengers A.I. series that follows this, which is a shame.

  2. This seems to show multiple Hanks from different points in his career interacting. I’m not sure if that’s metaphysical, or literal, cause who the fuck knows with this event, amirite?

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