Steampunk Superhero Cosplay at the Bristol Renaissance Faire

It’s sad, but true; none of us Retcon Punchers were able to go to SDCC this year. I have avoided all those  galleries of incredible cosplayers at the convention, afraid they would make me She-Hulk-out in a jealous rage. Instead, my esteemed collegue Taylor and I attended steampunk weekend at the Bristol Renaissance Faire in southern Wisconsin and found ourselves surrounded by creative comic book fans in beautiful steampunk costumes. I appropriately geeked out, and got my picture taken with as many as I could find. Despite missing out on Nerd Mecca, I have my own, unexpected cosplay gallery to share with you all. More after the jump.

I loved The Flash. He had pistons on his legs, and the wings on his hat were exhaust pipes that actually smoked.

FlashRogue and Gambit. Gambit was wearing a leather face thing earlier in the day, but he must have gotten too hot.

rogue and gambit

I saw this guy and shouted, “Hey Nightwing!” to get his attention, I think I made his day.


We weren’t sure this was Harley at first, but the red and black ribbons on the hammer convinced us.

harley quinn

This guy was awesome. His Iron Man armor won him the costume contest, and for good reason.

iron man

7 comments on “Steampunk Superhero Cosplay at the Bristol Renaissance Faire

  1. Wow, those are all really well done costumes! Thanks for sharing!

    Were you and Taylor going as anybody in particular, Shelby, or just general Steampunk costumes? Yours looks good regardless, I like the gun

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