Happy Thanksgiving!

We here at Retcon Punch are total saps for tradition and nostalgia and dumb stuff like that. So, in order to properly celebrate Thanksgiving with all the rest of you, Patrick came up with the best, most traditional way to do it: hand-traced turkeys.

We had a little craft time, and present to you, the Internet, the Retcon Punch First Annual Thanksgiving Superhero Hand Turkey Extravaganza!

First up is Mikyzptlk’s tremendous BoosTurkey Gold. More after the cut, Happy Thanksgiving!

BoosTurkey Gold

Oh my stars and garters, Taylor drew Hank McTurkey, founding member of the X-Turkies:

Hank McTurkey

Scott’s Oswald Gobblepot played this Thanksgiving like a harp from Hell:

Oswald Gobblepot

Patrick, fully embracing the spirit of excess, gathered some friends to craft a whole rafter of turkeys.

There’s Turkey Gorath:

Turkey Gorath

Our favorite blind turkey lawyer, the Turkey Without Fear:

Turkey without Fear

The muscle-bound, ferocious Turkeyman, by Mark Mitchell:

Turkey-Hawk Man

Able to leap the coop in a single bound, The Turkey of Steel by Sarah Singer:

Turkey of Steel
And we can’t forget turkey’s favorite sidekick, Green Lantern Casserole by Jen Kleinrock:

Green Lantern Caserole

Finally, Shelby got in on the game, first with the mysterious and powerful Turkey Queen of the Inhumans:

Turkey Queen of the Inhumans

Sticking with the FF theme, we’ve got the tough yet hip Turkey Thing:

Turkey Thing

Last, but not least, the turkey most likely to liven up any family gathering, Lying Turkey:

Lying Turkey

3 comments on “Happy Thanksgiving!

  1. I can’t believe these generated no comments. You are clearly have more talent in your little finger than I have in all of my fingers and toes and other parts combined. I can tell, since you just showed me your little finger. Nice work!

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