By Cupid’s pistols, it’s Valentine’s Day!

For Valentine’s Day last year, you may recall, we here at Retcon Punch showed you our love with corny, superhero valentines. Obviously, we had to do it again. So, Internet, this is our way of saying Be Mine; please enjoy these free, awesome valentines! Print them, share them, just keep our name on them; more after the break!

superman wonder woman valentine

groot valentine

lazarus valentine 1

saga valentine 1

harley quinn valentine1

wonder woman valentine 1

sandman valentine

sex criminals valentine

3 comments on “By Cupid’s pistols, it’s Valentine’s Day!

  1. Somehow your Supes & Wondy valentine has advanced my recognition of that relationship from being “something that happened” into a definitive New 52 status quo. More so than their shared title even, and I’m not quite sure why. Maybe it’s because it still felt extremely temporary last V-Day when the special came out, and yet here we are marking an anniversary. Ultimately she will make way for Lois, but if they can make that happen organically then they could poignantly juxtapose the relationships in a way that illustrates what makes Kal and Lois so perfect. Happy Valentine’s Day, Punchers!

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