Economic Disparity and a Glimpse of Things to Come in Green Arrow 25

by Michael DeLaney

Green Arrow 25

This article contains SPOILERS. If you haven’t read the issue yet, proceed at your own risk!

Michael: Nick Spencer has thrown the entire nation into a tyrannical nightmare in Secret Empire. In Green Arrow Benjamin Percy focuses on political corruption and the American class system on the city level – which definitely vibes with the grassroots, personal touch often associated with the Emerald Archer. In Green Arrow 25 Percy uses the establishment of Star City as the most heightened allegory for the disparity between the 1% and the majority of Americans.

Trump stand-in Mayor Nate Domini is publicly patting himself on the back for the Star City initiative, which he considers to be a great boost to the economy. Of course it’s clear from news outlets and neighborhoods like Pennytown that Star City is not the dream city that Domini claims it to be. Star City is the country’s first privatized city, “a resort for the rich” as Domini puts it behind closed doors. The city has become an exclusive country club where the poor have been forced to join the sewer-dwelling set of “The Underground Men.”

Green Arrow 25 is an extra-sized issue that reads like the final chapter of Percy’s “Book I” – there’s a lot going on. Interestingly, Percy and artist Otto Schmidt (re)introduce the character of Kate Spencer AKA Manhunter, who volunteers to be Oliver’s attorney and bail him out of jail. Kate acts as a deus ex machina by fronting Oliver’s bail…a favor that he returned by skipping town.

Schmidt also teases us with that delightful page full of glimpses of things to come for Green Arrow and his pals. Old continuity saps like me will be pleased to see a Green Lantern/Green Arrow team-up as well as a JLA story somewhere down the line. Oh and one more thing: Oliver’s mother Moira is alive and kicking it with the Ninth Circle. Oliver’s parents never stay dead these days.

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