We Return to Volthoom’s Past in Green Lanterns 26

by Mark Mitchell

This article contains SPOILERS. If you haven’t read the issue yet, read on at your own risk!

In isolation, Green Lanterns 26 is a cogent re-telling of the power rings’ origins, elaborating on the painful relationship of Volthoom and Rami that was hinted at in Green Lanterns 25. For readers already familiar with Green Lantern lore, Sam Humphries adds a new wrinkle to the story with the reveal that Volthoom destroyed his own home world, but otherwise this is a bit of a painful diversion for anyone hoping to see Simon and Jessica’s story continue.

That said, the issue is entertaining in its own right. Artist Ronan Cliquet has a tall task in conveying ever-shifting emotions as Volthoom becomes more and more unstable, but he’s able to make each moment distinct, which goes a long way in building the issue to a satisfying climax.

Color is such an important component of any Green Lantern comic, and occasionally Cliquet’s art is let down by some of Ulises Arreola’s color choices, especially in panels featuring large gatherings of characters which tend to be overly bright and akin to the flat, uncomplicated lighting found on TV sitcoms.

But when it counts, Arreola perfectly compliments Cliquet’s work to create striking moments throughout the issue.

The history of the power rings has become integral enough to Green Lanterns’ current arc that it makes sense for Humphries to interrupt his story for a moment to recap, lest any new readers be completely lost, but Simon and Jessica’s absence was acutely felt this issue. Still, there’s something to be said for a narrative that can cultivate readers’ desire to learn what happens next, and by any measure Green Lantern 26 succeeds in that regard.

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