Crazy Twists Bring the Fun in Green Lanterns 27

by Mark Mitchell

This article contains SPOILERS. If you haven’t read the issue yet, read on at your own risk!

I’m a sucker for a big, sci-fi twist. I love the ending of Tim Burton’s misguided 2001 Planet of the Apes reboot with Mark Whalberg’s Leo Davidson crashing back to “Earth” in front of the Lincoln Memorial… which Burton then reveals to actually be Ape-raham Lincoln. It’s a twist that makes exactly zero sense when considered for even a passing moment, but it’s capital “F” Fun and that’s good enough for me.

Such is the case with Green Lanterns 27, a rather meandering issue that earns its keep with the reveal that Jessica Cruz and Simon Baz have been stranded by Volthoom on Earth…10 billion years in the past! Like Planet of the Apes, this twist makes little sense. For one, a quick Google search will tell you that the Earth is only ~4.5 billion years old. But who cares! I’m all for artistic license being taken in the pursuit of maximum fun.

The issue is also an opportunity for writer Sam Humphries and artist Ronan Cliquet to put Jessica through her paces and have fun with the constructs she creates. Jessica takes charge this issue, and I especially enjoyed her strapping Simon in what’s essentially a child’s car seat so she can easily tote him around and keep him out of danger. As for Simon, the pieces of his shattered Power Ring are now embedded in his arm, the ramifications of which are saved for another issue. But despite the languid pace with which Humphries doles out his story, I continue to be onboard for the fun.

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