Diana Stays Political in Wonder Woman 29

by Mark Mitchell

Wonder Woman 29

This article contains SPOILERS. If you haven’t read the issue yet, proceed at your own risk!

It’s heartening that after Greg Rucka concluded his run on Wonder Woman — a run that found its greatest success when focusing on Diana of Themyscira as a reflection of real life issues — Shea Fontana doesn’t shy away from keeping the book political during these troubling times in America. In Wonder Woman 29, Diana lingers by the US Capitol Building as she considers the purpose of her powers. She wants to do good, to help others and ease their burden, but as she stands on the dome of the Capitol, she realizes there are no higher authorities she can appeal to for assistance; the power lies with her to affect change.

The patriotic theme extends to the newly revealed big bad, Hamilton Revere, whose name is a mash up of two towering figures in the story of America, Alexander Hamilton and Paul Revere. Revere claims to be allied with the government, but it’s a sinister promise. There’s nothing comforting about knowing this government is in control.

This run will ever be as nakedly political as I want it to be, but I hope it keeps pushing further in this direction. We need Wonder Woman to be political right now because we need her to stand for kindness and the power of decency. If not now, when?

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