Time-Weirdness in Lumberjanes 42

by Taylor Anderson

Lumberjanes 42

This article contains SPOILERS. If you haven’t read the issue yet, proceed at your own risk!

Time-travel has infatuated people for what seems like ages now. Back to the Future, Bill and Ted’s, and Edge of Tomorrow are just some of the many movies that have explored this subject. The fascination with time-travel probably speaks to our own insecurity about being unable to stop the inevitable march of time and its seemingly one-directional nature. Basically, that’s all just a fancy way of saying I totally empathize with Molly when she tried to slow down time in the last issue of Lumberjanes, but am also unsurprised that her actions now have ramifications in this month’s issue.

Having asked a malevolent spirit to slow down time in an effort to prolong Summer, Molly and the rest of the ‘Janes now find strange things are afoot at camp. Trees grow from acorns in seconds, people age in an instant, and weird sleeping rock giants awake from their slumber. It all sounds pretty typical of a Lumberjanes issue with one exception: it seems like something significant might soon be revealed about the camp.

The first hint of these raised stakes is the fact that people seem genuinely worried that the ‘Janes messed with the camp’s “time weirdness.”

While that’s a natural reaction to have when talking about time travel, this reaction stands out because most of the time when weird stuff happens with the ‘Janes, nobody bats an eye. That people actually care here suggests that the ‘Janes are messing with forces that are perhaps more dangerous than those they have encountered before.

Additionally, camp master Rosie sees a giant rock man woken by time bubbles and genuinely freaks out. She orders all the campers to be picked up safe and mentions that something is coming she is not prepared for. This hints that Rosie knows what that rock monster is, but assumed it would be sleeping for some while longer, not endangering the camp. However, time bubbles have a way of derailing even the best laid plans so I think it’s safe to assume that this rock monster poses a real danger to the camp.

These reactions to the “time-weirdness” brought on by Molly signal that something quite serious is happening with the ‘Janes. With the danger now real, the stakes have been raised, and with the time distortion causing havoc, it seems like some longstanding mysteries surrounding the camp will soon be revealed.

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