Time Travel Mulligans in Despicable Deadpool 288

by Taylor Anderson

This article contains SPOILERS. If you haven’t read the issue yet, proceed at your own risk!


Everyone knows there are paradoxes when it comes to time travel, but the very idea of time travel in a story comes with its own set of paradoxes as well. Chief among these paradoxes is the fact that any story being told is somewhat meaningless. Why? Well, if characters have the ability to time travel then they probably have the ability to go back in time and alter the story line they just took part in. This is the case in Despicable Deadpool 288 where all sorts of crazy shit happens, but none of it may matter at all.

Deadpool is at the Mercy of Cable after he tried, and failed, to kill him on the orders of Stryfe. However, now that Wade is at a crossroads he quickly gives up on his murderous mission and agrees to help Cable kill his evil clone. When the two confront Stryfe, all hell breaks loose. Anticipating Deadpool’s betrayal, Stryfe is prepared for a fight and summons dinosaurs and vampires to wipe out Wade and Cable. It’s a huge mess, all it shaking down in New York.

Meanwhile at the Pentagon, a couple generals monitoring the situation think it has gotten out of control. Unsure of how to handle the situation, one dares the other to nuke New York to stop the chaos.

As the bald general suggests, they may as well nuke New York because someone or something will save it somehow. In the case of this issue, he’s not wrong, as it seems likely Wade and Cable will use time travel to save the city. What makes this ingeniously funny is that it allows Gerry Duggan a free pass on anything he puts into the issue. It’s clear this is the case given his use of dinosaurs and vampires (and vampire-dinosaurs) and the issue is hilarious with how over the top it is.

Some might say the use of time travel to effectively call a mulligan on the issue is cheap and/or lazy. For my money though, it makes the issue a blast in every sense of the word.


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One comment on “Time Travel Mulligans in Despicable Deadpool 288

  1. This book has become such anarchic fun since the retitle — without losing the core that made the last volume so smart. That twenty panel stare off between Wade, Cable and Styfre had me in stitches.

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