The Joy of Teamwork in Hawkeye 12

By Spencer Irwin

This article contains SPOILERS. If you haven’t read the issue yet, proceed at your own risk!

Hawkeye 12 is an ode to teamwork. It’s not just the lesson Kate learns at the end — that she’s going to need to ask for help if she wants to find her mother — but the way she learns that lesson that drives the point home. Kelly Thompson, Michael Walsh, and Jordie Bellaire make this issue fun, showing that teamwork isn’t just beneficial, but enjoyable for all.

The beneficial part is pretty clear too, though. Hawkeye and Wolverine need each other — Kate has the leads, and Laura and Gabby the muscle, and together it’s more than enough to take down Jacob Damon, the “professional asshat.” The real joy of this issue, though, comes from the fun these three women have along the way. Kate and Laura may have a few issues (Kate puts her foot in her mouth more than once), but they seem to have an easy camaraderie from the moment they meet that blossoms into mutual respect and genuine enjoyment of each other’s company by the end of the issue.

It’s just plain ol’ fun to see these characters interact, and that bodes well for future team-ups — I’ve been excited about next month’s return of Clint for a while now, but just being reminded of how well Thompson writes team-ups has me even more excited. That real-world excitement translates well to the page, too. Kate is impressed by how Gabby has helped and changed Laura, and seeing how powerful Gabby’s good influence has been helps Kate accept the fact that reaching out for help and trusting in someone isn’t just something that’s necessary right now, but that it can be enjoyable and comforting too. As complicated as Kate and Clint’s relationship may possibly be right now (this is the first time they’ve met since Clint killed Bruce Banner, right?), I have a feeling that everything’s gonna turn out okay between them.

The conversation doesn’t stop there. What do you wanna talk about from this issue?

One comment on “The Joy of Teamwork in Hawkeye 12

  1. Got to say, I really appreciate the fashion in this book. One problem with All New Wolverine is how rarely Laura has a fashion sense, which is especially a problem because of how Laura used to have one of the most distinct fashion senses in comics. And while I can understand her giving up the goth gear as she is no longer a teen, I love how this comic replaces that fashion sense with something new and fitting for an older Laura (though the chocker with the locket should return. That wasn’t just ornamental). That focus on fashion (let’s not ignore that Kate’s wardrobe is just as well chosen) really helps this book communicate so much visually.

    As an issue, this is a fun team up that cares more about the joy of having Kate team up. Some aspects really leverage Laura specifically,especially any section with Gabby. Others, just the joy of having another female superhero around (Laura never felt to me the sort of character to gossip). But this is just a really fun read as a breather after the intense previous arc, giving us some classic fun while setting up the next arc. A breather issue, but a good one. Hell, that Hawkeye vision page is worthy of price of admission by itself. So many Wolverines (also, the way it elegantly sets up the darts is great)

    Oh, and I didn’t think Kate was going to get any gayer than that two issue arc in America any time soon, but did she call Laura cute?

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