Low-Stakes Silliness at its Finest in Super Sons Annual 1

by Mark Mitchell

This article contains SPOILERS. If you haven’t read the issue yet, proceed at your own risk!

A lot of times when I read comic books on assignment for this site, I dive right into the digital issues without first checking out the solicitation or even paying much attention to the covers. Going in blind sometimes leads to delightful surprises, like with Peter J. Tomasi and Paul Pelletier’s Super Sons Annual 1, where I was totally unprepared for the issue’s joyous left-turn into a Super-Pets-led rescue mission.

Without the stakes of serialized storytelling, which requires constant conflict to sustain itself over the long haul, Tomasi and Pelletier are able to cut every character a break. Jon and Damian are still bickering, but it’s the good-natured, playful kind of arguing that only close friends can have. There are no roadblocks here. The issue’s prologue with Superboy and Robin taking down a group of unlucky bank robbers is the kind of breezy fun this book is known for.

But then the issue pivots to Krypto and Bat-Hound getting the Super-Pets gang back together to solve a mystery involving missing household pets, and it’s pure joy. With appearances by everyone from Detective Chimp to Clay Critter, you can tell that Tomasi and Pelletier are having a blast with the issue, and it translates onto the page. Super Sons Annual 1 is low-stakes silliness at its finest.

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