An Odd but Lovable Couple in Despicable Deadpool 290

by Taylor Anderson

This article contains SPOILERS. If you haven’t read the issue yet, proceed at your own risk!


Odd couples are almost always a great recipe for entertainment, if done right. For example, Independence Day‘s odd couple of Captain Steven Hiller and David Levinson (played by Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum respectively) is so dynamic that it can carry a movie that is otherwise too dumb to succeed (or is that the point?). The same point can be made about the recent arc in Despicable Deadpool, which features the unlikely partnership between Deadpool and Cable. While it was fun to see these two beat the shit out of each other for a couple issues, it’s even more fun to see them work together as an odd couple in issue 290.

Cable and Deadpool have teamed up to put an end to the blackmail scheme Stryfe has going on with Wade. Their plan involves going into the far flung future to pay a little visit to an old and decrepit future-Cable to steal his heart. Since he’s old and on death’s doorstep, Cable figures it would be OK to kill him for his heart so they can pay off Stryfe. Thus, in a fashion, Cable does die — only it’s not the Cable the title would have us believe.

Anyway, that’s all fun and a little confusing but the real gem of this issue is the way Cable and Deadpool play off of each other. Cable obviously is the straight man in this couple and Wade supplies the foil and laughs along the way. It’s great entertainment seeing the two respond to each other and this is heightened by the fact that the two are traveling through time together.

Time travel is old hat to Cable, but it’s still some weird shit to Wade. Wade’s snide and sarcastic comments bounce off Cable effortlessly who by this point is unfazed by Wade’s callousness and the bizarre nature of what the far future and past have to show. The rainbow infused train pictured above is a perfect example of this. Grizzled Veteran cable thinks nothing of traveling a few million years into the future and Wade reacts predictably to such an odd experience.

So yeah, they’re an odd couple in the end, and like most odd couples, they probably hate each other. However, I’d love to see them stick together, at least for a little while longer.


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