There’s Power Beyond the Hammer in Mighty Thor 702

by Taylor Anderson

This article contains SPOILERS. If you haven’t read the issue yet, proceed at your own risk!

In the recent arc of Mighty Thor, tension has been building regarding Jane Foster’s inability to chose between being Thor or herself. At the crux of the matter is the fact that Jane has cancer which needs to be treated — which can only be done in her human form. However, she’s needed in virtually every corner of the universe as Thor to try and stop Malekith and his armies of evil. Forced to choose between saving thousands (millions?) and saving herself, Jane makes the obvious heroic choice. But as issue 702 shows, sometimes the obvious heroic choice isn’t always the best one.

Forced to extreme measures, Jane is trying to enlist the Gods of Olympus for help by arm wrestling Hercules for support. It’s successful, if only because Hercules is trying to impress a lady Thor, but this still doesn’t seem like enough to defeat Malekith. The Odinson shows up at this time to persuade Jane to pursue alternative methods.

In doing so, the Odinson takes Jane to the bedside of Volstagg, who was recently almost killed by Mangog. Seeing Volstagg nearly killed, and in the form of the War Thor, convinces Jane that she now faces something which brute force alone cannot conquer. It is at this time that the Odinson convinces Jane that the world doesn’t need Thor’s might right now, but the regular Jane Foster.

In doing so, the Odinson makes an impassioned plea for Jane to face the cancer that is eating away at her body as well. It seems fitting that the only person who could convince Jane to give up Mjolnir would be the very man who was forced to give it up without his consent. More than anyone, the Odinson knows the lure of being a Thor and the pain of having that power taken away. More, he also knows that there is power to be found and had outside of the hammer, and I think this is why Jane finally gives in to his pleas. As is seen later in the issue, when Jane finally gets Odin and Freyja to reveal themselves, this proves to be exactly the case.

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3 comments on “There’s Power Beyond the Hammer in Mighty Thor 702

  1. 1) I would read the Hel out of a Jane Foster/Hercules team-up book. Someone should get on that.

    2) There were two full page spreads in this comic. One was the last page, Mangog’s arrival. The other was Thor arm-wrestling Hercules. I’m not sure if that’s significant, but as Marvel comics Hercules fan, I cheered a little.

    3) This keeps getting better and better – I’m endlessly impressed by Aaron’s ability to build the stakes. Any predictions on how the Mangog situation is resolved? I have no clue, but I’d guess it involves Odinson becoming worthy again.

    • I think Mangog won’t be defeated by Odinson. I think Jane will defeat Mangog, as part of her ‘death’. In fact, I don’t think that this is the arc where Odinosn becomes ‘Worthy’ again. I think things will be a little more complicated. From the vision, we know that Odinson will be holding a gold Mjolnir, so maybe Odinson is going to ‘share’ being Thor with Jane after this arc, if Jane survives

  2. I love how the page of Jane discussing everywhere she’s needed calls back to earlier moments in Aaron’s run, where Aaron focused on how both Odinson and Jane would travel around, spending their time doing heroic things. But before, where it was things like entertaining lowly soldiers, it is now a grim battlegrounds.

    I also love that a previous issue had Jane accept that she needed to be Jane more often, only to reveal that she hasn’t been following that advice. The difference been accepting a lesson and actually following it. Especially when events make it easy to excuse not being Jane.

    And yet, this issue, despite making it so clear why Jane needed to be Thor, also reveals why Jane needs to be Jane. Because ultimately, it is about being whole. Accepting both your strongest parts and your weakest parts. Because while the Jane half is weak – she collapses – it is by embracing his half that she gets something real done. Because as much as arm wrestling Hercules helps the cause, nothing will be as important as smashing Asgard’s stagnant politics to get Cul off the throne, challenge Odin’s conservatism and bring political revolution. Which is why we have to embrace every part of ourselves, both our strongest and our weakest parts.

    Also, what are the chances that this run is going to end with an All-Mother, like Aaron’s run begun? It feels quite possible that Odin’s return in Original Sin was not a return to status quo, and that he will be thrown out again. I hope so, it would be interesting to end the run with Freyja as All Mother, with Odin as an adviser at best.

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