Spoofy Action in Despicable Deadpool 291

by Taylor Anderson

This article contains SPOILERS. If you haven’t read the issue yet, proceed at your own risk!


If you haven’t seen Edgar Wright’s supremely funny Hot Fuzz, I heartily recommend renting it and making tonight a viewing party. The movie is predictably funny because Simon Pegg is a comic genius, true, but what always makes me laugh is the way Wright directs action scenes. He clearly has an ironic fondness for silly action movies (think Michael Bey) and that is made clear in the way he so cleverly spoofs typical action movie tropes. My favorite of these is when Simon Pegg and Nick Frost leap into a room guns-blazing and seem to be falling and shooting for an endless amount of time. This scene so well captures and lovingly makes fun of action movies in a clever way that is also present in Despicable Deadpool 291. 

In this issue, Deadpool and Cable attempt to put an end to Stryfe’s meddling ways and things turn predicatively bloody. As the trio begin to duke it out artist Scott Koblish draws a full page spread that has the best aspects of Edgar Wright’s action movie spoofs.

What’s easy to notice first are the doves flying around in the background. In many action movies doves inexplicably take flight as shooting begins. What started as an earnest effort to add drama to an action scene has now become such a trope that any time it’s included in an action scene it just seems melodramatic. Obviously, that’s Koblish’s whole point in including the doves here. He parodies action scenes and the humor fits right in with Deadpool’s sarcasm. Speaking of which, his yelling of his own name also serves to parody action scenes where adversaries yell each others’ name as they begin to fight.


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