Dark Nights: Metal 5 Is Lost In Its Own Cacophony

by Michael DeLaney

This article contains SPOILERS. If you haven’t read the issue yet, proceed at your own risk!

The difference between good action movie sequences and bad ones comes down to editing. A lot of quick cuts and different camera angles is a clear tell of a bad action sequence and leaves you confused as to what is actually happening in the fight. Dark Nights: Metal 5 is a lot like that. As readers we have been stuck in this nightmare world for so long that I can’t remember what the stakes are or really care about them.

With five issues —  and too many tie-ins to count — Metal has been toiling in Barbatos’ upside down world for quite some time now. The heroes have been defeated multiple times, the Hawks are evil and Batman is all wrinkly and old. But apparently things can still get worse?

After the whole multiverse has gone to hell, you’d think there’s nowhere else to go — I guess hell has a basement though. And that basement has a basement. I don’t mean to be glib, but this story has lost me for the most part. I’m not feeling the emotion or the stakes that Scott Snyder is intending.

That being said, are there some fun moments and cool visuals in this issue? Absolutely. At the very least, Greg Capullo is having a lot of fun with the epic nature of Metal. Wonder Woman punching Hawkgirl with her lasso of truth is a great image that I’m almost positive has never been done before.

Green Lantern has a humorous — and somewhat disturbing — fixation on finding asses to kick. We are also given an updated, Metal-infused origin for Plastic Man. If at the end of the day all that Metal really gives us is the return of the Hawks and Plastic Man, I guess that’s fine. Metal was posed as a “rock opera” but really it’s just become a lot of noise.

The conversation doesn’t stop there. What do you wanna talk about from this issue?

One comment on “Dark Nights: Metal 5 Is Lost In Its Own Cacophony

  1. Metal’s obsession with linking DC’s heroes with the Dark Universe is terrible for a multitude of reasons, the biggest being that the Dark Universe is a crappy, forgettable idea best ignored (it could have had so much potential) and that these connections are either ludicrously pointless or character destroying. And urgh, Plastic Man is the worst yet.

    Why the hell would you connect one of DC’s most light hearted and fun characters with the Dark Universe’s shitty Lovecraft? Why the hell does Plastic Man need some dark, edgy story about how he’s connected to the darkest, most boring evil in the DC Universe. Plastic Man doesn’t need some Lovecrftian horror, he never needed a dark backstory. He’s funny. That’s the point. He’s a clown, with a redemptive origin that gives him a little bit of heart. A secret origin where he is connected to evil incarnate is just fucking stupid. To have Plastic Man fighting off dark impulses is even worse. Plastic Man isn’t supposed to be the guy who constantly struggles with dark impulses, he is the guy who is suppose do make a mockery of the very same for a joke.

    I love Plastic Man. A favourite character of mine (The Hawks should be buried and forgotten. They are and always will be a continuity cancer that exist only to be retconned again and again, and we have to accept that even if DC stopped retconning them again and again to try and make them work, they have no point except nostalgia). But what’s the point of having Plastic Man back if he’s going to be all about this darker and edgier Metal bullshit. That’s not the Plastic Man people love. Dark Impulses and being pulled towards evil is not Plastic Man. Let Plastic Man be light. Be funny. Be a clown.

    Instead, all DC is doing is killing the very thing that made Plastic Man function.

    I can’t wait for DC to leave this darker and edgier phase they’ve been trapped in since Rebirth and remember what their characters are supposed to be. Stop all this try hard bullshit.

    Because what’s the point in ruining Plastic Man like this?

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