A New Start for the Fantastic Four Marvel Two-In-One 5?

By Taylor Anderson

This article contains SPOILERS. If you haven’t read the issue yet, proceed at your own risk!

Earlier this month it was announced that the Fantastic Four would be returning to comics. Many assumed that their absence from the pages of Marvel monthlies was due to the fact that Fox owns their movie rights. Disney, not wanting to promote movies from which they wouldn’t profit, phased them out of their comic pages, or so the theory goes. Whether this is true or not may never be known, but now that the Fantastic Four are soon to return, it’s interesting to consider how exactly that will happen. However, if Marvel Two-In-One 5 is any indication, the Fantastic Four may already have reunited.

Ben and Johnny are in an alternate universe where Doom has possessed Galactus and has eaten everything in the galaxy except Earth. Predictably, that means Earth is next up on the menu, so Johnny and Ben team up with the alternate universe versions of Sue and Reed to save the day. This leads to the Fantastic Four reuniting for the first time in a long time, even if they come from different dimensions.

True, they may not be the traditional Fantastic Four most people think of, but the four are all here together. Of course it’s too soon to say if this is how the quartet really does reunite. Their standalone series doesn’t launch until August. But it’s not to hard to imagine how this story would contribute to that one. Say that, despite their best efforts, the Fantastic Four can’t stop Doom from eating the Earth of this universe. If that were to happen, I could easily see Reed and Sue escaping with Ben and Johnny back to our own version of Earth and starting things anew there.

The conversation doesn’t stop there. What do you wanna talk about from this issue?

One comment on “A New Start for the Fantastic Four Marvel Two-In-One 5?

  1. This arc has really screwed up this book. The first two issues were great, and while the third was a letdown, that was just a bad issue, which happens.

    But now, everything has screwed up. Two issues in a row that don’t feel complete. THey keep going forward, until they just stop at some big scene that doesn’t act as a climax. Every issue should feel like a complete chapter in a story, even if it is part of a bigger story. It should feel the payoff to what came before.

    But here, what does Norrin have to do with anything? What has been introduced to this story that makes Norrin such a big deal? I know this is a Galactus story, but the key parts of this story are Reed and Doom. Surely a better ending would have been Reed getting his mojo back or our Doom turning up. Things that matter to the central conflict of ‘a world where Reed failed and DOom won, and everything went wrong’. Norrin is out of nowhere, a meaningless aspect, no matter how much I love the wonderfully weird choice of Emma Frost as his wife (that really takes advantage of the idea that anything can happen). Hell, the ending almost trails off after Reed says to recruit. Just keeps going for no reason

    Meanwhile, Rashida gets a payoff form last issue, but there is no set up in this issue to make clear why that matters. This would read so much better in a trade, with every issue right next to each other, instead of having to wait a month. Except you would still have baffling chapter breaks.

    A real disappointing spiralling out of control for what started as a really strong book

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