A Rare Quiet Moment in East of West 37

by Taylor Anderson

This article contains SPOILERS. If you haven’t read the issue yet, read on at your own risk!

In the hustle and bustle of a busy day, I find that it’s the quiet moments that make me happiest. After dealing with hectic pace and many demands of the classroom, it’s nice to come home and enjoy a quiet, evening walk with my wife and dog. As nice as these quiet moments are, they’re only pleasant because they are set against the larger backdrop of a busy day. If I hadn’t had a long day, I’m not sure they would be quite as sweet. This same thing can be said of grand, dark stories like East of West. While the big narrative about the apocalypse is the main bill, it’s the quiet, smaller moments I think I enjoy best.

Hurk, the Ranger, is on a mission of revenge after narrowly surviving his run-in with President Chamberlain, who killed his dog, Red. This mission leads him to Doma and Windowmaker, who have made a quiet life for themselves after heisting a bunch of gold. Hurk asks Doma why she gave up her post and old life, and her answer is elucidating.

It’s such a human response. Doma and Widowmaker just want to enjoy a peaceful life free from war and the impending apocalypse. This is an utterly relatable desire, but is foreign to a lot a of characters in this series. Characters such as Mao, Wolf, and Death are worried with big, political, earth-shaking issues. These conflicts are what make this series go, but it also means makes these characters sometimes hard to relate with. Doma and Windowmaker are different. They care about making a life together and fixing and old station wagon in their front yard. It’s a nice small moment in this series to enter their lives and take a break from the grand narrative.

Just like a good walk, this issue clears the head and reminds me what’s important not only in this series, but my own life as well.

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