A Tainted Legacy in Captain America 701

by Michael DeLaney

This article contains SPOILERS. If you haven’t read the issue yet, proceed at your own risk!

Michael: Mark Waid is a self-professed devotee of DC Comics’ Legion of Superheroes — the team from the 31st Century inspired by Superman’s actions to be heroes themselves. It should be no surprise then that he has crafted a similar future built on the inspiring example of Captain America in Captain America 701.

In the year 2314, America is a veritable utopia: a land of freedom and equality, built on the union of the United States and the Kree Empire. Traces of Cap’s super soldier serum were used to create vaccines and all kinds of medical advances. But much like our country’s beginnings, America’s bright future is built on more sinister foundations.

Steve Rogers’ grandson Jack is a historian who is trying to help his ailing son. Jack ignores the orders of the president and Kree General Pursur and breaks into the White House, where he discovers that super soldier serum has been weaponized into turn all inoculated into Kree sleeper agents.

In Captain America 701 Waid gives Captain America a different type of enemy to face: the perversion of his legacy. Similar to Secret Empire, the Kree have used Captain America to become the face of everything he once vowed to defeat. Cap’s body was dissected and his genes were used to cultivate a “master race” for the Kree Empire.

Cap isn’t completely missing from this issue however, as we catch glimpses of Steve’s adventures in WWII and 1968, drawn by Adam Hughes and J.G. Jones, respectively. Hughes steals the show with some dynamic action of Cap and Bucky vs. the Nazis.

And while we probably should deal in as little Nazi imagery as possible these days, seeing Warrior Woman simultaneously heil and goose-step Cap in the chest with a stylized “SCHTOMP” is the standout image of the book.

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