Torture Buddies are the Best Buddies in Poe Dameron 27

by Taylor Anderson

This article containers SPOILERS. If you have not read the issue yet, proceed at your own risk!

It’s easy to overlook throughout the Force Awakens and the Last Jedi, but Poe Dameron and Rey (does she have a last?) have spent virtually no time together by the time the latter film ends. That’s kind of odd when you think about how Poe, Rey, and Finn are touted as the next iteration of Luke, Leia, and Han. This being the state of things, however, it makes sense the three of them would have a lot to catch up on. Still, the last issue of “Story Time with Poe and Friends” wasn’t all that great despite it’s apparent need. So does the second issue featuring the same premise fare any better?

The answer is not really. The best moments of this issue are when we’re privy to the quiet moments these characters get to spend with each other. My favorite of these moments comes when Rey recounts how she was tortured by Kylo Ren, to which Poe enthusiastically tells how the same thing happened to him and pronounces them “torture buddies.”

It’s a fun little moment and shows that more scenes featuring Poe and Rey are called for. Even though these two haven’t spent much time together, it’s easy to imagine how Poe’s arrogant enthusiasm would play well off of Rey’s more reticent nature. Basically it’s like a retelling of the Han and Leia romance, just minus the romance.

That’s the good part of this issue and sadly it does’t last long. Just after this moment Poe launches into a story recalling how Black Squadron gathered important intel on Star-Killer Base. That story, frankly, is boring and it doesn’t make much sense why Poe is telling a story in which he isn’t even involved. How does he know all these details? Both as a story and a story telling device, this part of the issue is less than stellar and I kept hoping it would end and return me to Poe, Rey, and Finn. That never happens, and the issue abruptly ends without giving Poe and his friends the time together they deserve.

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4 comments on “Torture Buddies are the Best Buddies in Poe Dameron 27

  1. It’s a weird format for the story, and I’m not really sure why the team decided to jump past the events of the films just to go back and show a lot of it. I understand that some of the rationale might have been to let Poe skip the parts of the story Finn and Rey were around for, but, y’know, he ends up rehashing a bunch of that stuff anyway.

    That said, I’ve actually really liked these last two issues. Leia’s little flash of Han at the beginning of this issue speaks right to the connection that Taylor mentions is so integral to the original trilogy. Having that kind of reminder right next to Poe and Rey making up for lost time totally acknowledges the emotional flaw of TFA and TLJ, and seeks to rectify it.

    • I’m not sure that I’d count the fact that the new Trinity had met up until the very end the TLJ as an emotional flaw of TLJ. It certainly is a flaw of TFA, but TLJ acknowledges that problem and builds it into the story of the movie. Because the Last Jedi is all about how things aren’t right, and need to be fixed before things can work again (TLJ does a really impressive job at making fixing the mistakes of TFA part of a grander unifying theme so it doesn’t feel like a fixfic even though it kind of is). The fact that the three of them have never met is kind of the point.

      There is a reason why Poe and Rey only come face to face after the climax, when the Spark of Resistance has been reignited. The Rebellion being reborn and Rey, Finn and Poe finally being in the same scene together are the same things.

      Having Poe and Rey finally say hi was more emotional to me at where it was in the movie, basking in the afterglow of Luke’s rebirth of the Resistance with the greatest act of Jedidom ever and just before the sensational final shot, than it would be if they bumped into each other on Snoke’s Star Destroyer or the movie started with them meeting before Rey flew off to Ach-To. Finally seeing them together is a key part of feeling that rebirth or hope to the Galaxy.

      Though it certainly was a flaw in TFA, and IX needs to fix this. I hope IX starts with an equivalent of Jabba’s Palace, an adventure where we can see all our main characters together having one last adventure together before the endgame begins, so we can finally see what they are like together and establish that emotional connection before they invariably get split up for their respective endings of their stories.

      If I was writing IX, I’d begin with the three of them, alongside Chewie, Rose and a squadron of X-Wings, working together to successfully save a trapped band of rebels from the First Order and officially induct them into the Resistance, and immediately after they return from their mission, have them suddenly learn that Leia died when her forces were devastated in another mission, a mission whose failure forces the First Order-Resistance conflict into the endgame.
      That would let the movie provide the emotional bond between the three characters we really need, before having to deal with the lows of Leia’s death and whatever increase in stakes motivate the plot

  2. Rey, in fact, does have no established last name. I believe that’s mostly to make fans try to guess it (“KENOBI!” “SKYWALKER!” “WINDU SOMEHOW”) but the reality may be that she just doesn’t have a surname and has to forge her own identity. Which I fucking love.

    • ANd I love this too. I don’t know if this was JJ Abrams original plan, but the way all of those elements have paid off in the Last Jedi are fantastic. She truly is a nobody from nowhere, and yet’s she’s forged herself into the rebirth of the Jedi Order and the saviour of the Galaxy.

      The best part of the vision scene in TLJ is that it did answer her question of who her parents were. Rey’s parents were always Rey. She raised herself. And the fact that she had to forge her identity on her own is everywhere. From her house in the AT-AT to her name to every part of her characterisation.

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