Delayed Gratification in Avengers 2

by Mark Mitchell

This article contains SPOILERS. If you haven’t read the issue yet, proceed at your own risk!

Avengers 2 finds writer Jason Aaron and artist Ed McGuinness still trying to explain just what their Avengers book is going to be. Like the premiere issue, Avengers 2 is incredibly chatty, stuffed to the gills with narration, banter, quips, and inner-monologue that try to help explain the presence (and absence) of various Avengers. There’s a delayed gratification aspect at play, and seeing the entire team finally all together (whenever that happens) will no doubt be cathartic, but spending so much ink explaining why this team-up book doesn’t yet have a team is a sometimes frustrating choice.

Of course, even with the Avengers scattered there is a core team here — Iron Man, Thor, and Captain America — that is incredibly satisfying to see at play. While the massive success of the Marvel Cinematic Universe hasn’t driven masses of moviegoers to become comic book readers, for fans of both, the two mediums compliment each other. I can’t help but hear the voices of Robert Downey Jr., Chris Hemsworth, and Chris Evans in my head when I read these characters, and that built-in goodwill smooths a lot of rough edges.

The issue ends with the reveal that Loki is in league with the Final Host, and his presence will hopefully inject the book’s villains with some personality as things get going. McGuinness draws the Final Host as appropriately Kirby-esque, but other than being extremely large the threat doesn’t rise much above killer robot levels.

In the end, the scale of the issue is grand and the action non-stop, but Avengers 2 continues where the first issue left off by being a lot of throat clearing and offering little forward momentum. Promising throat clearing, to be sure, but throat clearing nonetheless.

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2 comments on “Delayed Gratification in Avengers 2

  1. I’m less excited about this than I was. I don’t feel Aaron has as good of a grip on the voice of She-Hulk and Ghost Rider as the big guns.

    I really, really didn’t like some of the dialogue in this issue. I thought it was pretty cringeworthy. I was pretty surprised. I’ll keep reading an issue or two more, but I’m tired of being disenchanted by the Avengers. And I’m doubly disenchanted by a mustache twirling Loki as the villain. I feel somewhat confused by that, like I missed about 17 chapters in a book.

  2. I liked how one of the Watchers actually got to act in response to the Host, instead of just being falling corpses. But honestly, not feeling this book. Very little feels like it actually happened this issue, especially as it built to a final page reveal that a caption lettering gave away (combined with art so busy that Loki feels like he came out of nowhere instead of being placed in the geography of the scene that has story purpose. He’s just… there. This issue felt empty, honestly. Like something should actually happen other than giant panels too feel epic. A chance to understand Loki’s deeper game, for example (don’t believe he’s evil again.)

    It is hard to know why I should care for this book, as it feels like it will never get anywhere. The problem with throat clearing for two issues is that you provide little reason to think the story will be satisfying once you stop considering how little time is left

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