No One is Infallible in Justice League 6

by Michael DeLaney

Justice League 6

This article contains SPOILERS. If you haven’t read the issue yet, proceed at your own risk!

The Justice League is often elevated to a status akin to the gods of myth: immensely powerful, iron-willed and nearly unstoppable. The Trinity of Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman is at the head of that pantheon of gods, with two veritable immortals and one mortal man who we consider incorruptible and infallible. With the epic cosmic stakes of Justice League 6, we are reminded that no one is infallible, and that a little humility might actually save the universe.

All of Lex Luthor’s machinations are coming to fruition, with Sinestro wielding the power of the Invisible Spectrum and Gorilla Grodd utilizing the Still Force. The Invisible Spectrum of it all began with John Stewart’s inability to acknowledge his guilt over the destruction of Xanshi. When all seems lost the League has a little group therapy session.

Superhero books are about fighting villains, injustices or even each other. The forces of good must resist the evils around them and beat them back. In Justice League 6 however, Scott Snyder and Jorge Jimenez do the rare thing and have the heroes stop resisting. The key to their victory is embracing their flaws — and encouraging others to do the same. We all screw up every now and then. Forgive yourself dammit!

As I mentioned before, we’ve come to a point where we view a man in a cape and cowl as more invincible than a man of steel. “Batman always wins,” after all. Snyder likes to see Batman put through the ringer for the same reason we do: we want to see him overcome it. And overcome it he shall, but before the Dark Knight rises, he must fall.

Luthor himself is astonished at Batman’s resilience, nothing can stop him…except Luthor. With the power of the Totality, Luthor breaks Batman’s arms and legs. It’s here that we are again reminded that no one is a god, we all have a…breaking point.

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One comment on “No One is Infallible in Justice League 6

  1. This book feels so superficial in attempts to hide how small it actually is. It has such a horrid lack of imagination it feels like everything is frozen in amber with the sheer lack of imagination or ideas. Just the greatest hits played on repeat.

    Snyder used to be the guy with real imagination. Now he’s doing such a stiff, bad book. When can we get the good Snyder back?

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