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Jonathan Hickman’s Avengers series has carefully laid out the threat of the Builders – a race of beings that tried to remold Earth for their own purposes. That’s a huge threat, but it’s not the only one – there’s also an alien army, lead by Thanos. There may be a ton of Avengers, but this is bound to stretch them to their breaking point as they fight aliens at home and abroad. This is your nerve center for our coverage of all things Infinity.


Avengers 1 – 17 Cram Session

New Avengers 1-8 Cram Session

Our coverage of AvengersNew Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy

The Issues

Infinity – (written by Jonathan Hickman, art by Adam Kubert)

infinity 1infinity 2infinity 3Alternating Currents: Infinity 4: Spencer and EthanAlternating Currents: Infinity 5, Drew and PatrickAlternating Currents: Infinity 6, Ethan and Spencer

Avengers – (written by Jonathan Hickman, art by Leinl Yu)

avengers 18avengers 19avengers 20Alternating Currents: Avengers 21, Ethan and Drewavengers 22

New Avengers (written by Jonathan Hickman, art by Mike Deodato)

new avengers 9new avengers 10Alternating Currents: New Avenger 11: Spencer and PatrickAlternating Currents: New Avengers 12: Spencer and Patrick


Thunderbolts (written by Charles Soule, art by Jefte Palo)

Alternating Currents: Thunderbolts 14, Patrickthunderbolts 15Alternating Currents: Thunderbolts 16: Patrick and Spencerthunderbolts 17

Avengers Assemble (written by Kelly Sue DeConnick, art by Barry Kitson)

avengers assemble 18 infinityAlternating Currents: Avengers Assemble 19: Patick and Spencer

Avengers Assemble 20 – release date October 16th, 2013

Captain Marvel (written by Kelly Sue Deconnick, art by Filipe Andrade)

capt marvel 15-16

Superior Spider-Man Team-Up (written by Christopher Yost, art by David Lopez)

Superior Spider-Man Team-Up 3 – release date September, 2013

Superior Spider-Man Team-Up 4 – release date September, 2013

Mighty Avengers (written by Greg Land, art by Greg Land)

mighty avengers 1mighty avengers 2Alternating Currents: Mighty Avengers 3: Drew and Shelby

Nova (written by Zeb Wells, art by Paco Medina)

Alternating Currents: Nova 8, Drew and Shelby

Nova 9

Fearless Defenders (written by Cullen Bunn)

Fearless Defenders 10 – release date October 2013

Guardians of the Galaxy (written by Brian Michael Bendis, art by Francesco Francavilla)

guardians of galaxy 8

Secret Avengers (written by Ed Brisson, art by Luke Ross)

Secret Avengers 10

Mini-Series Spin-Offs

Infinity: The Hunt (written by Matt Kindt, art by Steven Sanders)

Infinity: The Hunt 1 – release date September, 2013

Infinity: The Hunt 2

Infinity: The Hunt 3

Infinity: The Hunt 4

Infinity: The Heist (written by Frank Tieri, art by Al Barrionuevo)

Infinity: The Heist 1 – release date September, 2013

Infinity: The Heist 2

Infinity: The Heist 3

Infinity: The Heist 4

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