Night of the Owls

The Court of Owls is taking over Gotham City in May. We are providing coverage on every single part of the cross-over event. This is the nerve-center for all things Owl.

The Preamble


Batman 1 -3Batman 4Batman 5Batman 6Batman 7


Nightwing 7

Catch-Up Videos:

Cram Session: All-Star Western 1-8

Cram Session: Batgirl 1-8

Cram Session: Batman 1-8

Cram Session: Batman and Robin 1-8

Cram Session: Batman: The Dark Knight 1-8

Cram Session: Batwing 1-8

Cram Session: Birds of Prey 1-8

Cram Session: Catwoman 1-8

Cram Session: Detective Comics 1-8

Cram Session: Nightwing 1-7

Cram Session: Red Hood and the Outlaws 1-8

The Cross-Over

Alternating Currents: Batman 9, Patrick and Drew

Alternating Currents: Nightwing 9, Peter and Patrick

Alternating Currents: Catwoman 9, Patrick and Shelby

Alternating Currents: Dark Knight 9, Shelby and Drew

Alternating Currents: All-Star Western 9, Patrick and Peter

Alternating Currents: Batman Annual 1, Drew and Peter