Trinity War

Trinity War BGWhat exactly is at stake in the Trinity War? Either Amanda Waller’s ego in re: meta-humans or the very fabric of reality? Hey, whatever happens, we’ll get to see some superheroes punching each other in the face, right? This is the nerve center for all things Trinity War.


New 52 #1 – from Free Comic Book Day 2012

Our complete Justice League Coverage

Our Justice League Dark Coverage

Our complete Justice League of America Coverage

The Event

Prologue – Written by Geoff Johns; Art by Ivan Reis, Gene Ha, Andres Guinaldo, Rob Hunter, Joe Prado and Gary Frank

justice league 19

justice league 20Alternating Currents: Justice League 21/Justice League of America 5, Spencer and Patrick

The Trinty War – Written by Geoff Johns, Jeff Lemire and Ray Fawkes; art by Ivan Reis, Joe Prado, Doug Mahnke and Christian Alamy

Chapter 1 – Justice League 22

justice league 22

Chapter 2 – Justice League of America 6


Chapter 3 – Justice League Dark 22

Alternating Currents: Justice League Dark 22, Taylor and Patrick

Chapter 4 – Justice League of America 7

Alternating Currents: Justice League of America, Taylor and DrewChapter 5 – Justice League Dark 23

Justice League Dark 23Chapter 6 – Justice League 23

justice league 23Tie-Ins

Trinity of Sin: Pandora Written by Ray Fawkes; Art by Daniel Sampere

pandora 1

pandora 2pandora 3Trinity of Sin: Phantom Stranger Written by J.M. DeMatteis; Art by Fernando Blanco

phantom stranger 10phantom stranger 11Constantine Written by Ray Fawkes; Art by Renato Guedes

constantine 5

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