Villain Month

villains month bannerThree times establishes a pattern: every September, DC does something dramatic. This year, their entire line is being overtaken by the villains of Gotham, Metropolis, Central City, Apokolips and — y’know — all outer space and ethereal realms. Should be fun! There’s a lot to sort through here, and while we’re not covering everything, we are covering a lot. This is your nerve center for all of our coverage of Villain Month.


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The Issues

Week One – September 4, 2013

Action Comics 23.1: Cyborg Superman (no coverage planned)
Written by Michael Alan Nelson; art by Mike Hawthorne

Batman 23.1: The Joker (no coverage planned)
Written by Andy Kubert; art by Andy Clarke

two-face 23.1

ventriloquist 23.1

Detective Comics 23.1: Poison Ivy (no coverage planned)
Written by Derek Fridolfs; art by Javier Pina

Earth-2 15.1: Desaad (no coverage planned)
Written by Paul Levitz; art by Yildiray Cinar

flash 23.1 grodd

green arrow 23.1 vertigo

darkseid 23.1

Justice League of America 7.1: Deadshot (no coverage planned)
Written by Matt Kindt; art by Pasqual Ferry

Justice League Dark 23.1: The Creeper (no coverage planned)
Written by Ann Nocenti; art by Chriscross

Alternating Currents: Superman 23.1: Bizarro, Drew and Patrick

Week Two – September 11, 2013

Alternating Currents: Action Comics 23.2: Zod, Drew and Jennie

Aquaman 23.1: Black Manta (no coverage planned)
Written by Geoff Johns and Tony Bedard; art by Claude St. Aubin

Alternating Currents: Batman 23.2: The Riddler, Shelby and Lindsey

Alternating Currents: Batman and Robin 23.2: The Court of Owls, Shelby and Scott

mr freeze 23.2

Detective Comics 23.2: Harley Quinn (no coverage planned)
Written by Matt Kindt; art by Neil Googe

Earth-2 15.2: Solomon Grundy (no coverage planned)
Written by Matt Kindt; art by Aaron Lopresti

Alternating Currents: Flash 23.2 Reverse Flash, Drew and Patrick

Green Lantern 23.2: Mongul (no coverage planned)
Written by Jim Starlin; art by Howard Porter

Altnernating Currents: Justice League 23.2: Lobo, Spencer and Patrick

Justice League of America 7.2: Killer Frost (no coverage planned)
Written by Sterling Gates; art by Derlis Santacruz

Justice League Dark 23.1: Eclipso (no coverage planned)
Written by Dan DiDio art by Philip Tan

Alternating Currents: Superman 23.2: Brainiac, Mikyzptlk and Mogo

trigon 23.1

Week Three – September 18, 2013

lex luthor 23.3

Batman 23.3: The Penguin (no coverage planned)
Written by Frank Tieri; art by Christian Duce

Alternating Currents: Batman and Robin 23.3: Ra's al Ghul, Drew and Spencer

Batman: The Dark Knight 23.3: Clayface (no coverage planned)
Written by John Layman; art by Cliff Richards

Alternating Currents: Detective Comics 23.3: Scarecrow, Drew and Greg

Alternating Currents: Green Lantern 23.3: Black Hand, Patrick and Matt

rogues 23.3

Alternating Currents: Justice League 23.3: Dial E, Taylor and Drew

Justice League of America 7.3: Shadow Thief (no coverage planned)
Written by Tom DeFalco; art by Chad Hardin

Superman 23.3: H’el (no coverage planned)
Written by Scott Lobdell; art by Dan Jurgens and Norm Rapmund

arcane 23.1

Teen Titans 23.2: Deathstroke (no coverage planned)
Written by Corey Mays and Dooma Wendschuh; art by Angel Unzueta and Moritat

Wonder Woman 23.1: Cheetah (no coverage planned)
Written by John Ostrander; art by Victor Ibanez

Week Four – September 25, 2013

Action Comics 23.4: Metallo
Written by Sholly Fisch; art by Will Conrad

Aquaman 23.2: Ocean Master (no coverage planned)
Written by Geoff Johns and Sterling Gates; art by Geraldo Borges

Batman 23.4: Bane
Written by Peter Tomasi; art by Graham Nolan

Batman and Robin 23.4: Killer Croc (no coverage planned)
Written by Tim Seeley; art by Francis Portela

Batman: The Dark Knight 23.4: The Joker’s Daughter (no coverage planned)
Written by Ann Nocenit; art by Georges Jeanty

Batman / Superman 3.1: Doomsday
Written by Greg Pak; art by Brett Booth

Detective Comics 23.4: Man-Bat (no coverage planned)
Written by Frank Tieri; art by Scot Eaton and Jaime Mendoza

Green Lantern 23.4: Sinestro (no coverage planned)
Written by Matt Kindt; art by Dale Eaglesham

Alternating Currents: Justlice League 23.4: Secret Society, Mikyzptlk and Patrick

Alternating Currents: Justice League of America 7.4: Black Adam, Drew and Mikyzptlk

Superman 23.4: Parasite (no coverage planned)
Written by Aaron Kuder; art by Aaron Kuder

Alternating Currents: Wonder Woman 23.2: First Born, Drew and Scott

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