Summer Hours

summer hours

Bart: Oh man, I’m gonna miss the whole summer.

Homer: Don’t worry boy, when you get a job — like me — you’ll miss every summer.

The thing about summer is that you can never really “miss” it. Summer can only ever pop up as another thing that demands your time and attention. The Retcon Punchers are a busy lot – we act, we play music, we write, we go to school, we travel, we have full-time jobs… oh and we also write in-depth conversations about comics books (but you already knew that last part). Throw in an extra BBQ or a trip to the beach, and the week is practically bursting! In order to make way for a Summer which refuses to be missed, we’ll be cutting back to “Summer Hours” here on the site.

“Summer Hours? The fuck does that mean?” Whoa, Hypothetical Reader – no need for the attitude. Though, I suppose that’s on me for imagining you as aggressive. Let’s try that again, with me being more generous. “Summer Hours? Sounds interesting – what does that mean for content on the site?” Thank you for asking, Reader of Revised-Politeness! It means that we’re still going to be publishing at least one piece every weekday – three Round-Ups and two Alternating Currents every week. Sometimes you might see more, but that’s our slimmed-down goal for the Summer. Also, those Round-Ups won’t cover nearly as much as they used to – some of those Marvel pieces had as many as 10 or 11 issues in them, which is a lot.

But that’s where you guys come in. Our readers have always been good at filling in the gaps in our pull list with observations about series we aren’t covering. You’ll see a lot more gaps in the next two months, but rest assured that we’re still reading all of our favorites and probably want to engage you in the comments section. Y’all mean the world to us, and the intent of Retcon Punch has always been to foster thoughtful conversations above all else. So, let’s have some conversations.

We’ll be back full-force in the Fall, relaxed and energized and just happy not to be covering another of the New 52’s special event months (get out of here with that Villains Month nonsense). In the meantime, let’s catch some fireflies or drink a beer at the end of the driveway or partake in whatever Summer Rituals you have. On behalf of Drew, Spencer, Shelby, Taylor, Michael, Mark, Ryan, Ryan and Shane – have a great summer.

Patrick Ehlers, Co-Editor-In-Chief

13 comments on “Summer Hours

  1. And if you need need need more pointless Patrick insights in your life, you can always listen to the meandering podcast I recorded about Weezer. The series is 15 episodes deep and is EXHAUSTIVE. It’s called “My Name is Weezer” and you can get it on iTunes and Stitcher.

    And if you haven’t been following Drew’s final project for school — a comic book HE MADE — you can find it at !

  2. But if you guys are on Summer Hours, how am I going to survive the long dark winter…

    Enjoy your summer, and I’ll make sure I continue doing my posts. On my rereads, I’m currently reading Demon Knights, that has some fun stuff to talk about

  3. Don’t tell me what kind of Summer to have, you damn fascists. But seriously though, enjoy it! That’s what life is all about.

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