The Worst Hunting Trip in the World in Green Lanterns 45

By Mark Mitchell

This article contains SPOILERS. If you haven’t read the issue yet, proceed at your own risk!

With Green Lanterns 45, Tim Seeley and Ronan Cliquet begin to dive into Jessica Cruz’s past with the goal of explaining why The Ring of Volthoom was drawn to her trauma in the first place — the worst hunting trip in the world.

Yes, her friends were murdered in front of her, so, clearly, that’s the top reason why it was traumatic, but from the word go, this hunting trip was a terrible idea. Jessica, you’re going to take your ex-boyfriend and his new girlfriend — who also happens to be a childhood friend of yours — on a hunting trip in the woods because you value their friendship? Girl, no. That’s what a boozy brunch is for!

We do learn a bit more about Jessica’s past, and that she has struggled with anxiety from a young age. It’s a smart character choice by Seeley that rings true; for many, crippling anxiety is not something that springs forth fully formed overnight.

Seeley has structured the hunting trip as a mystery, setting the expectation that the identity of the murderers will be worth the wait. It risks gilding the lily (murder is tragic enough on its own), but it does work as a hook; I’m curious to know what Seeley has planned that’s worth taking the risk.

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One comment on “The Worst Hunting Trip in the World in Green Lanterns 45

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