Deadpool 6

deadpool 6

Today, Michael and Ethan are discussing Deadpool 6, originally released March 20th, 2013.

Michael: Do you prefer read something that’s hit-or-miss but bold? Or something that’s consistently at the high-end of mediocre. I’ve always preferred the former – The Kids in the Hall is one of my favorite shows of all time, but I’ll readily admit to roughly forty percent of the series being unwatchable. If you work too tightly or literally within the genre, everyone’s bored and everything you’ve said been’s said a million times and we hate you. If you play too loosely the structure or assume to much about our shared context, everyone get’s uncomfortable and the word “why” tends to get thrown around. Deadpool #6, the final issue in the arc, mostly hits the sweet spot for an irreverent comedic comic. Brian Posehn falters only when he veers to far into the hyper-referential discombobu-zone, but considering that so many “funny” comics just are criminally lame, even Deadpool’s missteps are a treat!
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Deadpool 5

deadpool 5

Today, Ethan and Mikyzptlk are discussing Deadpool 5, originally released February 20th, 2013.

Ethan: As we’ve discussed before, Volume 4 of Deadpool is a wild, absurd, hilarious ride, and #5 doesn’t disappoint. Jokes are cracked, villains are disemboweled, our titular hero suffers excessive bodily harm, etc etc. That said, if you were beginning to wonder how long this cycle could continue on a purely frivolous level, issue #5 answers this question with a bang, proving the old adage that “it’s all fun & games until the villains kill the main character’s friend.” Continue reading

Deadpool 4

deadpool 4Today, Patrick and Ethan are discussing Deadpool 4, originally released January 23rd, 2013.

Patrick: There’s a weird impulse when writing about Deadpool, to address the character directly. Whenever Wade Wilson turns to the reader and shares a fun little inside joke that we share, somehow one level or artifice is stripped away just as the other is being amplified. With each joke and wink, I’m tricked into thinking that I’m connecting with Deadpool himself and not with the myriad of writers and artists that bring him to life. (Incidentally, I think this is why we – as a culture – like the Muppets so much.) Plus, I’m a pushover for anyone — fictional or otherwise — that can adhere to the Always Leave ‘Em Laughing rule.

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Deadpool 1-3

deadpool 1-3

Today, Mikyzptlk and Drew are discussing Deadpool 1-3, originally released November 7th, 21st, and December 5th 2012, respectively.

Mikyzptlk: Hello fellow Retcon-Punchers! I’m writing about multiple issues for the first time so I’m really hoping this doesn’t turn into a train-wreck. But do you know what isn’t a train-wreck? The first three issues of Deadpool! (Oh no, what a horrible transition…it has begun). Anyway, I’d like to start by giving you all a quick rundown of my history with Wade Wilson AKA Deadpool. I haven’t read too much Deadpool I’m sorry to say. Mainly a few trades here and there from time to time. The only consistent thing about my Deadpool adventures is that they’ve all been scripted by Daniel Way. I’ve enjoyed Way’s version of Deadpool (especially the use of multiple voices). Way’s Deadpool was always good for a laugh and newcomer Brian Posehn (I love this guy!) certainly doesn’t disappoint in that arena. Best of all, Posehn is delivering one of the few Marvel NOW! books that I’ve read that truly feels like a jumping on point for new readers. Continue reading