The Woods 3

woods 3Today, Greg and Spencer are discussing The Woods 3, originally released July 2nd, 2014.

Greg: There was a constant problem in the percussion section of my high school band. Whenever we had concerts, it meant lugging lots of heavy equipment from our band room to our auditorium; the tympani, in particular, were awkward beasts of burden. Thus, when the concerts ended and us student musicians were worn out and ready to leave, it was too easy to duck out immediately, leaving the percussion in the auditorium without putting it back. This infuriated my band teacher, as he vowed to punish those who left early (in a full tux, no less). My response, as a habitual people-pleaser, was to take on the task myself, tirelessly hauling equipment to and fro, until the status quo was kept normalized. If it was that easy for me to seriously fall in line over something as silly as “moving percussion equipment”, The Woods 3 shows that I would’ve been a person of concern if monsters ever came to town.

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The Woods 2

woods 2Today, Spencer and Patrick are discussing The Woods 2, originally released June 4th, 2014.

Spencer: In narratives focused on teenaged characters, it’s common to pit the adults against the children in one way or another. Young Avengers recently took that conflict to extreme levels by making it so that the two groups literally couldn’t understand each other, but James Tynion IV and Michael Dialynas’ The Woods 2 plays things with a bit more subtlety; there is a major conflict between the faculty and the students of Bay Point Preparatory Academy, but the motivations of members of both sides seem to vary greatly. Continue reading