Cram Session: Detective Comics 1-8

It can be hard to keep up with all the comics you love. But it’s damn near impossible to keep up with all the comics you’re interested in.

Retcon Punch got you covered.

If you’re already reading Batman, then you might not see the point of another series featuring the characters as the hero. Or, you could be like the Retcon Punchers and have read every issue and still don’t see the point of this series. Well you don’t have to read it to find out what happened in issues 1-8.

11 comments on “Cram Session: Detective Comics 1-8

  1. I’ve been expecting to hear more about the whole “face off” thing for a while now but it seems no one else in the new 52 wants to talk about it. There has been kind of a recognition that no one has seen the Joker in quite a while, but where does this fit? Is it still being suggested that DetCom is playing at the 5 year rule, showing Batman’s early career, thus in a different point in time than the other bat books? But what about Harley Quinn’s raid on GCPD in Suicide Squad? Maybe my problem is assuming DetCom makes sense.

    Let’s hope for the best and maybe Synder’s next arc in Batman will be about the Joker. Love the site by the way. Keep it up.

    • Yeah, man, I thought the same thing about faceless Joker. There’s obviously some nefarious shit going on there, but DetCom (which, thank you for introducing me to that shorthand, using “DC” was just confusing us) seems more interested in the face cutter than the face cuttee.

      I’d love to see Snyder’s post-owl arc tackle the Joker. That man knows what he’s doing.

      • The whole Suicide Squad thing, and Harley’s obsession with finding the Joker is an interesting topic of discussion. Unfortunately it was introduced rather briefly in the first arc of DetCom, and then carried on in Suicide, but so far hasn’t really panned out in terms of the actual character of the Joker. I hope that this is handled well in the long run, and that maybe the supposedly ‘darker’ storyline that will be following the Night of Owls will involve the reintroduction of the Joker to the New 52.

        • That would be so fantastic. I know I’ve seen a couple interviews where Snyder has said he thinks Joker is one of the most under used villains. He said Joker appears often but usually just as a gimmick, no one really focuses on the character.

        • I really liked Snyder’s take on Joker when he was on DetCom, but I’d happily read the guy’s grocery lists at this point.

        • Comparatively, the Night of Owls is kind of a small cross-over. That’s actually what I love about it. While a bunch of books will be participating, most of them are out of it after an issue. Brevity, etc.

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