Age of Ultron 3 PREVIEW

age of ultron preview

Age of Ultron 3 comes out on March 27th, 2013 and is written by Brian Michael Bendis with Art by Bryan Hitch. Click here for our complete Age of Ultron coverage.

It looks like Ultron will be setting his sights on Chicago in issue 3. Most of our editorial staff has lived / currently live in Chicago, so we can’t wait to see the Loop savaged by a malicious robot. The champions of Chicago? It looks like Red Hulk, Black Panther and Task Master give it the ol’ college try. This preview seems content to prove the adage: Red Hulk SMASH! Hope you like robot spines!

Preview a couple pages after the jump.Age Of Ultron 3 Cover

AgeOfUltron_3_Preview1 AgeOfUltron_3_Preview2 AgeOfUltron_3_Preview3 AgeOfUltron_3_Preview4


14 comments on “Age of Ultron 3 PREVIEW

      • Yeah, I’m going to. I generally wouldn’t go in for a Marvel event (not out of brand loyalty, but because I don’t generally buy enough Marvel stuff to make an event pay off for myself) but this one speaks to my love of Age Of Apocalypse and also includes the names Bendis and Hitch on the flagship mini, so, yeah. I’m totally in 🙂

  1. Hey, I’ve just noticed that when Red Hulk pulls off an Ultron head, a human looking spine and blood comes with it. Do you think this means that all of the other Ultron’s used to be people a la the OMACS in Infinite Crisis?

    • That’s a really interesting thought. I could totally see that panel right after that being a look of surprise that there was a person under that armor. Intriguing…

      • If this is the case, then it’ll be interesting to see how the Marvel heroes react to that kind of threat. The DC heroes were all like “Be careful not to kill them!” I imagine the Marvel heroes will be a bit more…pragmatic about it.

        • I’m not too invested on how this will end; Age Of Apocalypse resulted in not much of anything besides a few characters jumping into the real Marvel U (Dark Beast, anyone?) but it still ranks as one of my all-time favorite event initiatives

        • You seem to be all about the journey as opposed to the destination Mogo. I like that.

          I originally posed the question because I was just curious to know if there is anyone out there not interested in this event because they are thinking it’ll all just be reset anyway. I know I’m just assuming a reset will be coming, but generally speaking, when there is this amount of destruction a reset of some kind usually occurs.

          We all knew that RotWorld was going to be reset no matter how many assurances we got that it took place in “the present.” That’s ok though because the main characters are still going to experience emotional fallout from those now nonexistent events.

        • I’m all about the satisfying third act, but in the long-run comics really are about the journey for me. I want the individual arcs to have endings but I understand how malleable the continuity overall is – all I have to do is read a New 52 Batgirl where Babs is walking around or read a Jason Todd experience and pontificate on the name of this website to be reminded. I kind of wouldn’t have it any other way (despite my percieved near-constant mishandling of Superman post-bronze age)

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