Free Comic Book Day 2014

FCBDFirst held in 2002 to capitalize on the anticipated release of the first Spider-Man film, Free Comic Book Day has grown into one of the most celebrated annual events in comics. For some comics shops, FCBD has turned into a comic con in miniature, complete with artist signing, cosplayers, and food vendors; for others, it’s more of a low-key excuse to come in on a Saturday (and hopefully put comics in some new readers’ hands). Living across the country, we of course had very different experiences this FCBD. Here are our thoughts.

slim-bannerSpencer: I remember being a little disappointed the very first time I attended Free Comic Book Day (nearly a decade ago!) and realized I couldn’t have any comic I wanted for free. Since then, though, I’ve come to appreciate how magical FCBD truly is — especially as done by my local comic shop, Captain Blue Hen Comics in Newark, Delaware. FCBD is a Comic-Con in miniature, a chance to unite a community of nerds of all shapes and sizes, and a glimpse at the next generation of comic book readers as they begin to fall in love with the medium. I couldn’t have had a better time.

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