Baltimore ComicCon 2016


Spencer: Sitting in a prominent position on my desk is a copy of Saves the Day’s self-titled album, signed by all four members of the band. It’s one of my most cherished possessions, not because “oh man, it’s my favorite band’s autograph!,” but because it’s a physical reminder of my first meeting them, of my role in getting that album created, and of some of the best shows of my life. I think that’s the true power of autographs (or selfies with celebrities, which are quickly replacing them); they’re more than just scribbles on paper, they’re a permanent reminder of celebrity encounters and of all the reasons why those encounters mean so much to us in the first place.

I had a lot of time to ponder the significance of autographs while at Baltimore ComicCon this past Sunday, mainly because I got a lot of them. Baltimore ComicCon is an intensely creator-focused con, to the point where I couldn’t even fit all the comics I wanted to get signed into one bag, and had to skip a few creators because I just couldn’t carry any more books. I’m not complaining, though: every one of these autographs will remind me of cherished memories for years to come. Continue reading

Wizard World Philadelphia 2016


wizard world philly 2016

Spencer: Someday I will go to a ComicCon that isn’t Wizard World Philly (which I’ve attended, and covered, for three years now), but in the meantime, it’s close, I love Philadelphia, and I have a great time there, so I’ll keep coming back. For all my familiarity with this con, though, there’s always something new going on that takes me by surprise. That’s a necessity, I suppose — stagnation no doubt equals death at these things — but it does mean that, even as an experienced con-goer, I need to be prepared in order to get everything done that I’d like to. Really, that’s a great lesson for any ComicCon, any event, and just life in general: always check out the website first, always make up a battle plan, and always go in prepared. It’s certainly what I did, and I had a great weekend because of it. Continue reading

Wizard World Philadelphia 2015

philly 2015

Spencer: Last year’s Wizard World Philadelphia 2014 (which I covered in explicit detail here on the site) was my very first ComicCon, and it was a fantastic experience, so much so that it may be hard for other cons to top it. Also a disadvantage: I was only able to spend one day (Saturday) at this year’s Wizard World Philadelphia, as opposed to four last year. Ultimately the two years ended up being vastly different experiences, even if there were also a surprising amount of similarities. There was one lesson that this year’s con drilled into my brain even more than last’s, though: Prioritize, prioritize, prioritize. With only one day I could never do everything I did last year, but I think I made the best use of the time I had. It was a pretty terrific day. Continue reading

Free Comic Book Day 2014

FCBDFirst held in 2002 to capitalize on the anticipated release of the first Spider-Man film, Free Comic Book Day has grown into one of the most celebrated annual events in comics. For some comics shops, FCBD has turned into a comic con in miniature, complete with artist signing, cosplayers, and food vendors; for others, it’s more of a low-key excuse to come in on a Saturday (and hopefully put comics in some new readers’ hands). Living across the country, we of course had very different experiences this FCBD. Here are our thoughts.

slim-bannerSpencer: I remember being a little disappointed the very first time I attended Free Comic Book Day (nearly a decade ago!) and realized I couldn’t have any comic I wanted for free. Since then, though, I’ve come to appreciate how magical FCBD truly is — especially as done by my local comic shop, Captain Blue Hen Comics in Newark, Delaware. FCBD is a Comic-Con in miniature, a chance to unite a community of nerds of all shapes and sizes, and a glimpse at the next generation of comic book readers as they begin to fall in love with the medium. I couldn’t have had a better time.

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C2E2 2014 – Confessions of a Cosplayer

comic con punch2

One of the more ubiquitous things about cons is cosplay. It’s like Halloween, only not scary (and usually, less slutty). People take pride in their costumes, and can easily make a day of simply existing in those costumes around the show floor. Retcon Punch’s own Shelby Peterson dressed up for the second day of the show, and as such, had an adventure totally separate from Patrick and Drew. This is us asking her about it.

Retcon Punch: First of all, Shelby, who were you?

Shelby: Xena. The Warrior Princess.

Shelby and Seline as Xena and Gabrielle

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Steampunk Superhero Cosplay at the Bristol Renaissance Faire

It’s sad, but true; none of us Retcon Punchers were able to go to SDCC this year. I have avoided all those  galleries of incredible cosplayers at the convention, afraid they would make me She-Hulk-out in a jealous rage. Instead, my esteemed collegue Taylor and I attended steampunk weekend at the Bristol Renaissance Faire in southern Wisconsin and found ourselves surrounded by creative comic book fans in beautiful steampunk costumes. I appropriately geeked out, and got my picture taken with as many as I could find. Despite missing out on Nerd Mecca, I have my own, unexpected cosplay gallery to share with you all. More after the jump.

I loved The Flash. He had pistons on his legs, and the wings on his hat were exhaust pipes that actually smoked.

Flash Continue reading

The Vault – Green Lantern Costume Snuggy Sleeved Blanket

The Retcon Punchers spend an awful lot of time looking for ways to celebrate our nerdy obsessions. This means a lot of time sunk into scouring Etsy, Deviant Art, Think Geek or whatever. Sometimes we see things so great we just have to share them… and then clutch them fiercely to our collective chest. Throw it in The Vault.Green Lantern Costume Snuggy Sleeved BlanketWebsite: Super Hero Stuff

Who Would Love This: Sleepy/lazy cosplayers

Price: $29.99

You may be familiar with the distinctly unheroic feeling you get vegging-out in front of the TV, but have you considered the possibility that the problem lies in the unheroic nature of the blanket you use to keep your lazy ass warm? Well, the good folks over at Super Hero Stuff have considered that possibility, and have come up with their own solution: a Snuggie® with Green Lantern’s body printed on it. Part boardwalk cut-out, part blanket, this item takes the “superhero shirt with fake muscles” phenomenon to its logical conclusion, even depicting muscle-bound legs on people who can’t even be bothered to stand for cosplaying. Hope you always imagined Hal Jordan with Dorito-stained fingers!