Future Quest 1

future quest 1

Today, Patrick and Spencer are discussing Future Quest 1, originally released May 17th, 2016.

Patrick: If you’re going to see Yngwie Malmsteen perform, you want to see a man just shred the ever-loving fuck out of the guitar. If he played a bunch of layered, subtle ballads with no ripping guitar solos, you’d be pretty disappointed. On the flip side, if you went to an Enya concert and she did a rollicking, virtuosic 13 minute guitar solo over the of “Only Time,” you’d be disappointed. I mean, you’ve have a story to tell, for sure, but “must have killer solo” isn’t one of your criteria for enjoying an Enya performance. We have different metrics for success depending on the art, is the point I’m driving at here. Yngwie’s got the fastest fingers in the world, Enya’s got evocative soundscapes, and Future Quest has a nostalgia-tickling cast. Continue reading

Deadpool Annual 2013

deadpool annual

Today, Patrick and Scott are discussing Deadpool Annual 2013, originally released November 27th, 2013.

Homer: Next, I’ll tell you the origin of Maggie’s pacifier.

Marge: What origin? We get ’em for $1.95 down at the Safeway.

The Simpsons, “Lisa’s Sax”

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