Green Lantern Corps 6

Today, Peter and Patrick are discussing Green Lantern Corps 6, originally released  February 15th, 2012.

Peter: I have always liked the idea of the Green Lantern Corps; an intergalactic peace keeping force run by a council of small, immortal blue aliens. Over the years, the Green Lantern mantle has been carried by several different humans, from Hal Jordan to Kyle Rayner. However, for a very long time, outside of large-scale events the rest of the Corps was rarely seen. With the advent of the Green Lantern Corps monthly we are given a look into the the workings of the Corps and a sometimes needed, always appreciated break from Hal Jordan and his ever-fluctuating mental structure. Peter Tomasi has begun to sculpt a new set of stories that are so far piquing my interest and are leaving me excited for the future of the Corps. Continue reading