Cram Session: Red Hood and the Outlaws 1-8

It can be hard to keep up with all the comics you love. But it’s damn near impossible to keep up with all the comics you’re interested in.

Retcon Punch got you covered.

You may have dismissed Red Hood and the Outlaws as an overly violent pubescent sexual fantasy. But that assessment is too limited. Write Scott Lobdell mines a surprising amount of pathos from Jason Todd’s past. The characters are also really exciting and funny – Jason, Roy and Kori are essentially the Dukes of Hazard of the DC Universe. And artist Kenneth Rocafort delivers excellent, innovative layouts on literally every page. Look, it’s fun, that’s what I’m saying. We’ve got a video recap right here so you can jump right in to their Night of the Owls adventure!

8 comments on “Cram Session: Red Hood and the Outlaws 1-8

  1. This was a good video. I’ve been wondering about Red Hood for a while. He’s always seemed like an interesting character, but this book didn’t seem quite worth it to me. I’m gonna pick up the owls issue, but we’ll see after that.

    Also, I am by no means a historian, but wasn’t there a red headed Jason Todd at one point (…precrisis maybe) ? I thought I remember reading a story where Jason was talking about how he resented Bruce for making him dye his hair so that people would think Dick was still Robin. They should have brought that back with the new52. I think Bruce, Dick, and Jason (from what is shown in this video) all look far too much alike.

    • I was really surprised how much I liked this title. I’ve long thought that Jason was a really interesting character, and he’s actually handled really well here. If you can ignore Starfire’s costume (much of the leering is done by Roy, which fits with his character, but unfortunately also means we’re just leering at her sometimes), this is a great title.

      You’re right about the red-headed Jason — that was from Morrison’s run on Batman and Robin (or at least, that’s where I’ve seen it before. Knowing Morrison, that very well could be some old detail he put back into canon). It’s an interesting detail, but I’m not sure it makes sense for Bruce. That Jason felt like he was always being compared to Dick is a strong enough theme without creepy “you must look like him too” stuff going on. That said, Jason definitely does look a whole lot like Tim when they’re next to each other.

      Also, jeez, I’d never realized it before, but maybe Jason appeals to me so much because he’s the middle brother of the Bat family.

      • The red hair is apparently Jason’s natural color, and to protect his identity further Bruce had him dye it black. Also, people wouldn’t instantly figure out that Jason was a new Robin.

        • Dying your hair makes sense as an extra piece of identity-hiding, but only if you’re dying it back every night, which seems a little excessive. Otherwise, the fact that your hair suspiciously turned black just before a new Robin showed up (with black hair) might tip your friends off. Wasn’t Jason depicted as having black hair in his day-to-day life?

        • As far as can remember. Grant made him a ging during the Batman and Robin storyline. But he has always had pretty black hair back in the day. When he was put into a Lazarus Pit he got a white streak and a little ginger tint in the “Hush”/”Under the Red Hood” storylines.

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