Goodbye, Not Goodbye

Hello fellow Retcon-Punchers!!!

Today, I bring you some bittersweet news. I shall be leaving the wonderful pages of Retcon Punch with today’s coverage of Detective Comics 28. While it’s a bummer to do so, I’ve got a pretty good reason for it, I swear.

Starting tomorrow, I will be the newest member of IGN’s Comics Review Crew! I am incredibly excited for this opportunity, as it’s a dream come true. Before I leave, I just wanted to say how grateful I am to Patrick, Drew and Shelby for welcoming me into one of the most unique, thought-provoking, and downright hilarious places to talk about comics. Working with all of you, along with Spencer, Scott, Ethan, Greg, and all of our guest writers, has been an incredible experience that I will never forget.

Writing for Retcon Punch has made me a far better writer than I could have ever become on my own, as the intelligence and insightfulness of my fellow writers have helped me up my game in ways I didn’t know that I was capable of. Best of all though, writing here has given me the chance to get to know some incredible people, forge new friendships, and legitimately geek the fuck out!

I hope you will join me each Wednesday (after Reading Retcon Punch, of course) as I dish out some reviews and hopefully some other fun stuff, as well! Make sure to leave some comments too, because if there is one thing that Retcon Punch has taught me it’s that the folks of our Comments Community definitely make this whole thing worthwhile.

This is not the end, but the start of a new journey. With that, I take off the purple bowler hat of Mikyzptlk, and put on the Batman Wayfarers (yes, I totally have those) of Mike Logsdon.

Your friend in time,


Hat's off

31 comments on “Goodbye, Not Goodbye

  1. Mik joined RP at a very important turning point for us, and I’m not sure what we would look like now without his hard work and support over the past year. We’re for sure going to miss his voice around here (not that I don’t expect him to pop in from time to time), but I couldn’t be more excited for him. This is an awesome opportunity, and I can’t wait to see “Mike Logsdon” on some IGN bylines.

  2. Happy for you Mik, good luck on your new venture. I‘ll drop by IGN next week and see what their reviews are like, I‘ve never read them. From now on, you can hang with me in the comments here at RP!

  3. I tend to have a “things change: get over it” stance when it comes to comics, and Mike was one of the first people to challenge me on that in a way that actually made me think that there’s something irreplaceably valuable about legacy characters and impenetrable mythologies. Mike’s like the best kind of fanboy – one that never loses his sense of humor about his own fandom.

    But, hey – he’s not dead (not yet anyway – see how long you can evade the Retcon Punch assassins!), so I look forward to gently sparring with him for years to come, either over here or over there.

  4. Mike here is actually the first person I ever wrote with here on Retcon Punch way back when I was still doing Guest Reviews as Pivitor, so this definitely feels like the end of an era and a very bittersweet moment. We’ll miss ya buddy, but congrats on the new gig and I hope it goes well!

  5. Dude, kick ass! Glad to see IGN bringing new folks on, and apparently they’re picking up at least one great reviewer. Like Spencer, Mike’s the first person I wrote a guest post with here (Aquaman! we’re all still reading that right? Right?) and your moving on is definitely a weird feeling.

    But a serious congratulations and good luck over at IGN! Make sure you come back here often; the commenters over at IGN will kill ya!

  6. Congrats–lucky you (and lucky them)! And since I check out IGN from time to time, lucky me!

    But you’ll be missed in these parts, where comic conversations are actually enlightening (yep, I learn stuff at Retcon Punch! Mom would be proud!)

    But IGN’s alright–I learn stuff there, too (but mom might less proud…).

  7. Congrats man on the gig. IGN will certainly look good on a portfolio (I think so at least) Maybe you can tell the rest of the internet if IGN does do paid reviews (I kid). On another note, I’d love to come back and write a review for the site to sort of help fill the void here and there in addition to my duties at Comic Booked.

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