Spencer and Mark on Wildstorm Addiction Podcast

Spencer: Hey, all! Mark and I recently had the pleasure of appearing as guests on the “Wildstorm Addiction” Podcast to discuss Midnighter 8 — you know, that issue about Midnighter throwing engine blocks at giant sabertoothed chimeras?

Anyway, recording this thing was a blast, and I can’t thank Joe and Ben enough for having us on. All of you should check it out, whether you’re a Wildstorm fan, a Midnighter fan, a Retcon Punch fan, or even if you just want to finally hear our soothing voices for the first time. You can find the link below; thanks for listening, thanks for reading, and we love you all!

Wildstorm Addiction Episode 55

One comment on “Spencer and Mark on Wildstorm Addiction Podcast

  1. Thank you both for coming on the show and giving some extra love to the Midnighter title! You guys were naturals, I hope you’d be willing to join us some more. Hopefully this “Rebirth” shenanigans doesn’t screw us over from our Midnighter love or future Wildstorm potential.

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