Rise of the Third Army

“Everything changes here!”

Ancient Green Lantern Writer Proverb

As the Guardians lose control of their precious Green Lantern Corps, they decide to start all over. The plan? Cause enough unrest within and between the various Lantern Corps and then attack with a brand new army. With promises of massive shake-ups around every corner, expect to see Lanterns killed and reborn — a whole universe at war. Also, who’s this new Green Lantern? This is the nerve center for our coverage of the entire Third Army story-line.

Catch Up

You can read up on our coverage of three of these series:

Green Lantern

Green Lantern Corps

Green Lantern: New Guardians

The Issues

Prelude – Writer: Geoff Johns; Artist: Ethan Van Sciver

Green Lantern – Writer: Geoff Johns; Artist: Doug Mahnke and Christian Alamy

Alternating Currents: Green Lantern 13, Drew and Shelby

Alternating Currents: Green Lantern 14, Mikyzptlk and Drew

green lantern 15

Alternating Currents: Green Lantern 16, Patrick and Shelby

Green Lantern Corps – Writer: Peter Tomasi; Artist: CAFU, Fernando Pasarin, Scott Hanna and Chriscross

Alternating Currents: Green Lantern Corps 13, Patrick and Drew


Alternating Currents: Green Lantern Corps 15, Mikzypltk and Shelby

Alternating Currents: Green Lantern Corps 16, Patrick and Drew

green lantern corps annualGreen Lantern: New GuardiansWriter: Tony Bedard; Artist:Aaron Kuder, Scot Kolins and Andrei Bressan

Alternating Currents: New Guardians 14, Shelby and Drew

new guardians 15

Alternating Currents: Green Lantern: New Guardians 16, Shelby and Patrick

Red Lanterns – Writer: Peter Milligan; Artist: Miguel A. Sepulveda

Alternating Currents: Red Lanterns 13, Drew and Patrick


Alternating Currents: Red Lanterns 15, Drew and Patrick

Alternating Currents: Red Lanterns 16, Drew and Shelby