Justice League Dark Annual 1

Alternating Currents: Justice League Dark Annual, Taylor and Drew Today, Taylor and Drew are discussing Justice League Dark Annual 1, originally released October 31st, 2012.

Taylor: Go big or go home. I don’t really know where this phrase came from or even what it really means. I suppose it probably means a person should come prepared to give everything they have to whatever situation they are about to encounter. I guess that’s “going big.” There is perhaps some virtue in that; I can admire anyone who can totally devote themselves to a cause or an idea. But with the election finally (finally) winding down, I also have to question if perhaps there is more merit in playing your cards close to the chest. I question how anyone can fully support one candidate or the other when eventually they will do something to piss you off, or almost certainly break a promise they blatantly made on the campaign trail. The ability to hold back, reserve judgment and always keep a little something extra for yourself, whether in politics or comic books, is a trait that should be applauded. John Constantine has this virtue (if he really can be said to have any such thing) and normally Justice League Dark does as well. But in the first annual edition of this title the creators do just the opposite, they go big and it pays off.

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I, Vampire 0

Alternating Currents: I, Vampire 0, Drew and JennieToday, Drew and (guest writer) Jennie Seidewand are discussing I, Vampire 0, originally released September 26th, 2012. I, Vampire 0 is part of the line-wide Zero Month.

Drew: Vampires, for some reason, are considered sexy. Is it the paleness? The eternal youth? The element of danger? I’ve never really been sure. Frankly, I think the bizarre relationship modern vampires have to the Victorian society that created them — specifically notions of patriarchy and fears of disease — make vampires among the least sexy things I can imagine. It doesn’t really matter; I’m not the target audience for modern vampire stories. Exactly who is is still a bit of a mystery to me — True Blood seems a little adult for the teenybopper audience that’s made Twilight such a phenomenon — but I can’t deny that vampires are incredibly popular at the moment. The success of Twilight and True Blood have inspired a lot of slapdash imitators, a description which woefully fits I, Vampire. Continue reading