Paper Girls 6

paper girls 6

Today, Michael and Ryan M. are discussing Paper Girls 6, originally released June 1st, 2015.

Michael: I’d say that I had a pretty active imagination growing up – which is to say that I was a human child, really. Maybe it was due to a fascination with dinosaurs or an early notion of regret/paranoia at an early age, but I always loved time travel. Not just travelling to important moments in history but seeing what I would personally become in the future. After a brief hiatus, Paper Girls returns to semi-address my boyhood questions as Erin and her friends travel from 1988 to the present and meet her future self. Continue reading

The Vault – Dinosaur Batman iPhone Case

The Retcon Punchers spend an awful lot of time looking for ways to celebrate our nerdy obsessions. This means a lot of time sunk into scouring Etsy, Deviant Art, Think Geek or whatever. Sometimes we see things so great we just have to share them… and then clutch them fiercely to our collective chest. Throw it in The Vault.

Website: Society 6

Who Would Love This: Batman lovers, paleontologists, people with eyes to see how awesome this is

Price: $35.00

This was sent to me by alert reader and dinosaur fiend Taylor Anderson, and I don’t have the words in my vocabulary to describe how awesome this is, other than to just point and say “Look at it!” Don’t have an iPhone? No problem! Society 6 is one of those sites that puts artists’ images on pretty much anything, so you can get this as a t-shirt, art print, laptop skin, etc. And if, for some bizarre reason I can’t understand, you don’t want Batman riding a T-Rex on your phone, there are actually a TON of comic book related images at Society 6 to check out. I only picked this one because….well, just look at it!